Monday, May 11, 2015

Style and Apply Wall Decals Review

Our little girl has turned 2 months old and has moved into her own room. We are still working on the details to complete her decor and she is starting to notice and be interested in the world around her. This week, we received another cute wall decal from Style & Apply with their pup smiling on the packaging.

Style & Apply a company based right here in San Diego. They specialize in wall decals, stickers, and vinyl wall art from graphics and inspirational quotes to full color art for kids rooms, nurseries, or anywhere in the home. They are easy to apply and remove and do not leave any residue. There are over 3,000 designs to choose from, 30 available colors. There are even swarovski elements you can add.

Just a few months ago, we did a Big Boy Room Makeover for our 3 year old with the Style & Apply Dinosaur decals and love how it turned out. This time, we chose this cute tree with leaves and owls to decorate the wall behind baby girl's crib. Our photos walk through the process and show how easy it was to get a custom look with the decals on the custom paint job we did ourselves.

Before Picture:

First we cut the tree from the leaves and owls.

Then we positioned it on the wall...

and marked the wall.

Next, we rubbed the paper side with the tool provided.

Then, we peel off the backing paper...

 and we matched the tree up with the markings we made on the wall. 

We rubbed the tree with the tool and we peeled the paper away from the tree.

After placing the tree, we placed the owls.

Not only are the owls really cute for a baby nursery, the colors are just perfect for our palette!

Of course, the Big Brother is supervising.

 He's a micro-manager.

Daddy then separated all the leaves by size and color to make them easier to place evenly on the tree.

Then we placed the leaves one at a time and rubbed them on the wall en masse.

More antics from the three year old and now our Lulu is getting in on the supervising action...

I think it turned out beautifully! The colors look like they were meant for this look.

Here is a video of the process. It is really cute to watch my son "helping" and keep an eye out for when the baby makes an appearance!

We are so very close to finishing this room, but if you have a baby, you know how little time they actually spend hanging out in your crib, so she doesn't spend much daylight time upstairs in the nursery yet. We will be posting the end results, soon!

If you need to finish decorating a room or are just getting started, I highly recommend checking out Style & Apply to do something really cool to your big blank walls or fit the spot that needs just the right custom touch.

They have a UNIVERSAL registry so you can shop ALL sites 
(not just Amazon)
They also have a 10% completion discount 
(15% for Prime members) 
and 90 day returns.


  1. You guys just make it look so easy!! I love how this livened up the nursery!! So super cute!

  2. I agree with Amber above! I would probably have the thing crooked as can be. These are so cute! I know my nieces would love them!

  3. I want to win this for my daughter's room. When she turns 13 (soon) we will be redoing her room because right now it has clouds and green hills on a teal background :). She really wants a purple tree and I really want her to be happy with the design for a few years but I cannot see letting her paint a huge purple tree. A decal though would be perfect (plus.. Shhh... mommy cannot paint a tree).

  4. What a lovely wallpaper! I definitely want this to gift my 3-year-old niece on her birthday.

  5. We are remodeling our house. It would be fun to get some wall decals to do in the process.

  6. This is so adorable. I love the little owls too. I hope that she enjoys her room for years to come.

  7. Love this! We are having our second baby in November, and I am thinking decals are going to have to happen.


Thanks for the comment!

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