Monday, May 4, 2015

Hydromate Chillwarmer Double Walled Insulated Water Bottle Review

With the new baby in tow, we are now back on the theme park circuit here in Southern California. I've been dying to purchase a double walled insulated water bottle to keep our water cold on our day trips this summer. We bought a couple for my husband's parents when they moved to Florida and they were so pricey. This week I was super excited that we got to review the 25oz HydroMate Stainless Steel Water Bottle by ChillWarmer, and finally test one out for ourselves.

I immediately filled it up with ice and brought it out to a LEGOLAND trip with us. It kept our water cold all day long. The bottle looks nice, the standard cap fits snugly and doesn't leak.

The bottle itself is nice quality as is the standard cap.

I thought the sports bottle cap looked a little on the cheap side, but I don't ever use a sports cap, and the description states that the sports cap is a free add-on, so that is getting tossed, anyway.

Overall, I liked this bottle. I love that it kept my water cold all day and I didn't need to put a sleeve on it or bring a cooler. Another great thing about this water bottle is that it doesn't sweat. I like the 25 oz capacity. This is enough water for me and my 3 year old on cooler days.

The bottle is also BPA-free, and which I love, and made 304 stainless steel which is the same material used in the food and beverage industry. The company claims that the water stays cold for up to 12 hours. We will never be out for 12 hours with a water bottle, but I do know that the bottle will keep the water cold all day at a theme park in Southern California.

This bottle makes a great gift, is perfect for hiking, traveling, sports, outdoors, and a good idea for the whole family. You can pick one up on Amazon or in other fine stores.

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**I received this product for free in order to facilitate my honest review.


  1. Water stays cold for 12 hours!? I need to get myself one of these!

  2. That sounds and looks like a great water bottle. I love a good bottle that doesn't sweat. When they sweat it drives me nuts! It's also great that it stayed cold!


Thanks for the comment!

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