Sunday, June 14, 2015

Order Up a Cheap Textbook Rental with FREE Shipping and a Side of Smiles

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Nuggy and I smiling!

Anyone taking college courses this summer? I'm sure if you are, you are trying to find the best deal on book rental. Make sure you swing by first to see if they have the books you need at a fraction of the cost they are selling for at the school book store or other online retailers.

They are also donating to Operation Smile with every book rented so it is definitely worth visiting first because they have been helping so many kids with their smiles! See what there is to smile about...

Renting textbooks is one of the best way to save money in school. Donating to charity for free with purchase is an added bonus from

How does book rental work?:

I know what you're thinking about renting books as opposed to buying - can you highlight in rented books? 

What about shipping costs? What if you drop the class? Don't worry, they have you covered!

Here is the breakdown for how works:
- You will save 40-90% off bookstore prices.
- Shipping is FREE both ways.
- You choose the rental period. It is flexible according to your class schedule.
- You choose the shipping speed - next day air is available!
- Return shipping envelope is provided for free.
- You can highlight in the books!
- You can pay the difference and keep the book if you like.
- You can return it for a refund within 21 days if you drop your class or don't need it
- 15 day grace period for returning books
- Do you need to be in school to shop? No!

The BEST thing? Operation Smile donation with every rental!

They donate to Operation Smile and SO many kids have gotten smiles from them.  
Not this kid, but hopefully this kid will appreciate how important a smile is on himself and others.

So not only are you saving money with your but you are also doing one of our favorite things to do, automatically donating to charity for free!

With every book purchased, you are helping to support Operation Smile. Operation Smile is a non-profit group that repairs cleft lips and cleft pallets for children around the world who would otherwise not have access to that type of procedure or medical care.


  1. This is a great company to support! Saves you money plus kids get surgery. It's a win win.

  2. I think renting college textbooks is a pretty good idea particularly for gen ed stuff that you will never look at again!


Thanks for the comment!

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