Sunday, July 12, 2015

Great Clips Online Check-In Saved us a Few #MoreMinutes for Summer Fun

Want to know how we save time (and money) for haircuts around here? We use Online Check-in from Great Clips to see if there's a wait at their local salon. It is literally 3 minutes from the house and you can check in on your phone to see how long, if any, a walk in wait time will be and add your name to their waitlist before you even get there. This week, we got to try out Great Clips Online Check-in, and find out what we do do with #MoreMinutes of time saved while we showcase one very lucky DeMaria getting a haircut!

Which family member is going to take one for the team and get a haircut???

Now let's see... this little cutie got his hair cut by his momma a week ago. It's summer and he is super blonde right now. I'm leaving it long!

Momma got a haircut and color for Mother's Day... and Baby Sis is all set for now.

How about THIS guy?!

You know, I kinda like the shaggy hair on both the boys but Hubby has a ton of traveling and business meetings this month so he wins the haircut!

We checked Great Clips Online Check-in and saw the wait time was just a few minutes.

Here are the BEFORE pictures:

No appointment necessary.

We walked right in.

We don't mind waiting a few minutes. I love that they both have crazy hair. I'm sure they see a lot of this around here.

Now it's time for Hubby's haircut...

I always tell him to tell the hairdresser to make him look like Bruno Mars. He gives me the eyeroll and says he hates getting his haircut so he gets it short so he doesn't have to go that often. The hairdresser asked him if he wanted a pompadour. He said no way! Then he asked me later what a pompadour was and was happy he said no when he found out it was what Bruno Mars has.

Great Clips Online Check-in was pretty accurate for the time listed. In under an hour we had Hubby back home for a contractor meeting.

#MoreMinutes Time Saving and Money Saving Too...

Hubby has been organizing and working on home improvement projects in all of his free time and LOVES that he can check in on his phone with Great Clips, saving time, so he can get more projects done at home. The haircuts are also a great deal! He got a punch card to earn a free haircut and they were having a special for a really good price when he went.

What would you do with more time?

We contemplate the question while Daddy gets his hair cut...

I think the blanket answer is that we would have more fun. I feel like if I could add #MoreMinutes to my day it would be to have fun. Like put your momma's funky sunglasses on and have fun, fun!

Or mess with your device kinda fun...

The bottom line is that it seems like we never have enough time to do anything. But if you manage to squeeze a little extra time out of a day I recommend using it for something enlightening like doing an activity or playing with your kids, fixing your house, organizing, going outside, taking pictures, or whatever you enjoy.

So here is our AFTER picture!

I love how these boys manage to look exactly alike despite the different hairstyles/skintones/eye colors...

Unaware Hair Selfie:

Rainbow Selfie:

I took off the beauty filter and got this crazy rainbow play of light in this selfie.

Safely Not Driving Selfie:

We are stopped. Say cheeze!

All done in under an hour!

Check-in at Great Clips right now to see how cool it is!

Right now, with Back-to-school time coming and time at a premium, Great Clips is asking all of us...

What we would do with #MoreMinutes when you save time on haircuts? 

Please let me know in the comments :)

Oh and check out the video, too:


  1. Love the variety of selfies at the end!

  2. You have a great looking family! That is a great idea to be able to add your name to a salon list before you get there! We need more places to start doing that!

  3. Hahaha, I love the Unaware Hair Selfie! His hair looks great!

  4. Love the kid and his sunglasses!

  5. You your son a haircut at home, why not take care of your other son and hubby at home? Saves act of money, my guy trims mine every other month and the boys get monthly shape ups. Saves over a grand a year with transportation costs plus time.

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