Monday, July 6, 2015

Miami Wedding Style Designer Dresses for Waaay Less When You Rent

I was lucky enough to visit Miami a couple of times. I love the vibrant South Beach scene, the Art Deco architecture, the colorful crowded restaurants and clubs, and of course the fashion! I have been having so much fun doing this summer blog series for Rent The Runway . This week we got to pick out our favorite Miami Summer Wedding styles, I fell in love with 2 new designers, and I am nuts over what I found there.

Clover Canyon Floral Sunrise Sheath $50 Rental $280 Retail

First, I love this Clover Canyon Floral Sunrise Sheath. It has the beautiful complimentary patterns and contrasting colors in a figure hugging sheath. Cap sleeves are my favorite. There is just something about them that slims and shapes my arms. I am not really a huge fan of my arms and shoulders, but I am in cap sleeves! As much as I love this dress, I love the rental price MUCH more than the Retail one...

Clover Canyon Griffith Park Print Dress $60 Rental $305 Retail

So it looks as if I'm in love with a new designer. This is my second favorite Rent the Runway dress and it is Clover Canyon as well! This dress is also done with cap sleeves and reminds me of Miami's chic and hot art scene. This is exactly the type of white you can wear to a wedding there! 

Mara Hoffman Electrolight Dress $50 Rental $278 Retail

Finally, this Mara Hoffman Electrolight Dress in all its #LoveWins style rainbows is fun, colorful and just a beautifully designed piece that would be refreshing and festive for a Miami wedding, and island wedding, or I just want it for anything around here this summer!

Whether you are going to a wedding in Miami or NYC, make sure you check out Rent The Runway before you buy anything, especially something you are wearing to ONE event with LOTS of pictures.

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  1. Love that you can rent these gorgeous dresses and wear them a couple of times and return. Great idea!


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