Sunday, July 5, 2015

Review - Bru Joy Citrus Press Lemon/Lime/Orange Squeezer

We love to cook and make drinks so we were super excited when we were given the Bru Joy Citrus Press Lemon/Lime/Orange Squeezer free of charge in order to facilitate an honest review. At first sight this is a really cute squeezer. It is made of aluminum and is painted with a bright yellow and lime green enamel. But does it work?

The Bru Joy Citrus Press Lemon/Lime/Orange Squeezer is really easy to use. You simply place the lemon or lime in one of the two chambers depending where it will fit best. You just cut larger fruit into quarters to fit and squeeze.

Then you place the cut side of the fruit on top of the holes and squeeze over a bowl. You will get the juice without the seeds or pulp.

I'm going to share my Amazon affiliate link if you would like to check it out and if you make a purchase, I may receive a commission if you use my link:

Buy a Bru Joy Citrus Press on Amazon.

So cute we had to do this review!

I love a stylish Citrus Press!

And there are NO seeds in my lemon juice, yay!

See the Bru Joy Citrus Press in action!

*We received this citrus press free of charge in order to do an honest blog review, however all thoughts and opinions are our own.


  1. This would be an excellent gadget in the kitchen when there's a party happening! No more trying to squeeze lime pieces into a beer bottle, or on the edge, or in, a glass! No seeds in my drink of choice!

  2. A great addition to any kitchen! My first thought is that it would take quite a few lemons to make some delicious lemonade!! lol

  3. This is definitely an interesting addition to any kitchen! Think of how fast you could make that lime juice to go into your margarita, or inside you Corona...without the pulp and seeds!!!

  4. This would make a great addition to my kitchen. I have been looking for a good citrus press.

  5. Interesting. I am in the market for a lemon press and this would be perfect. I will usually just do lemons, but hey, who knows. Better to be prepared :)

  6. I have never had a lemon squeezer. I am going to get on sometime.

  7. I would love to have this. We have both a lemon tree and an orange tree with lots of fruit. This would come in handy for me. Thank you so much for sharing


Thanks for the comment!

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