Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Taking a Baby and a Toddler to a Waterpark by Your Crazy Self

Somehow, I managed to survive, yesterday. My little girl is just about 4 months old and the boy is 3 and a half. We got a hot tip on a good place to play at LEGOLAND California Water Park from a mom with a two littles about the same age as ours and we were about due to meet up with some of our good friends there. I was bubbling with anxiety that morning and rightfully so.

LEGOLAND is 20 minutes from our house, my husband works for Merlin Entertainment who runs LEGOLAND Parks so we get a free family pass. I have a baby carrier, a head to toe swimsuit for the baby, my son has been excelling in swim class, and it's getting HOT here. All these reasons make taking 2 littles to a waterpark by yourself seem like a great idea, right?! I was scared.

Have you read my Disneyland with a Baby post? If not, let me spoil it for you. It was kinda a bust.

There's definitely some improvements to be made in my game but I'd be a fool not to take advantage of the robust entertainment option right in our neighborhood. I mean that a crowd of dirty bodies and the high decibel buzz of  high pitched kids and collective chatter, the handful of meltdown or mommy mini heart-attack moments, trying to remove a screaming baby from a wetsuit (think that episode of Friends when Ross can't get his leather pants back up on a date - the wetsuit won't budge and MAN was she pissed!) who wouldn't want all that action?!

Would I do it again? I have sunscreen smear sunburn on my back - you know the kind where you can make your your handprints.  My three year old has slightly red shoulders for the first time in his life and I feel like I ran a triathlon. The walk from the car to the water park with one in a carrier and one in a stroller, alone, is a workout.

All in all though, my 3 year old had a great time. There were even some fun bouncing baby moments and the baby slept soundly in my arms for much of the time her big bro played.

Plus, there's so many things I've learned from this first double baby trip. I can start prepping the night before. I can make a checklist of items we need that I can just refer to for each trip. Sunscreen the kids before we leave the house and again at lunch. Pack a lunch...

There's a laundry list of ways to make taking two kids to the Water Park easier by myself, but I think I'll save that for a separate post because it's time to start getting ready to visit a Trampoline park, with both kids, again.

Yup, maybe I'm crazy, but I can't keep the bigger kid cooped up in the house with a napping baby all summer long binge watching Netflix like he is doing right now while I'm still recovering from my water park workout.

With a little strategy, some bravery, and the right gear, we got this. Let the good times begin!


  1. You were very brave to attempt the two little ones by yourself at a waterpark!!! I don't envy you!! LOL And yet, you found the time to snap a couple of photos! "I'm not worthy" of reading your post! Oh yeah, I loved your reference to "Friends"!

  2. Such a good mama for making sure her son has a good time in the heat. I'm impressed you did it all.

  3. wow you are crazy! I can't imagine- I would at LEAST need my hubby with me !:) you are one brave person!! :):)

  4. Very brave indeed. I only have one little one and it seems like a lot and I need to have my husband involved. HAHHA.

  5. Sounds pretty fun although we all know the work we go through to take them but it is good for making them have great fun moments!

  6. You are very brave. Glad things turned out ok and hope all had fun


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