Tuesday, August 4, 2015

4 Cute Fruit and Veggie Snacks from our Farm Fresh to You Organic Produce Box

I was compensated for this post in addition to receiving a complimentary box of fruit. I am a regular customer of Farm Fresh to You so I will share my experiences as well as explain how the company works and great time saving and health promoting ways to use their service.

I am a stay-at-home mom of a 3 year old and 5 month old. I also work at home writing this blog while juggling kids, activities, caring for pets, and the house. My husband travels a lot but when he is home, we share the car. Yet check out my Instagram account and you will see that we eat beautiful, fresh, healthy, home made, mostly organic and vegan meals all the time!

How do we manage to pull this off? We get much of our organic fresh produce delivered straight from from the farm each week by Farm Fresh to You here in California!

See what we got in our box this week!

Now run by the children and families of the couple, Kathleen Barsotti and Martin Barnes that founded the farm in 1976, Farm Fresh to You has a wide-reaching delivery area all over Southern and Northern California, and drops off a bountiful box of all organic fresh fruit and vegetables from their farm and other local farms on my doorstep in the wee hours of the morning every Friday.

If you are in a 
Farm Fresh to You California delivery area Sign-up.

Use promo code KRIS3728 for $15 off your first box!

The prices at Farm Fresh to You are comparable to our grocery store or farmer's market organic pricing. However, there is much money to be saved in the fact that I have cut my grocery store trips in HALF saving time, gas, and money by ordering my produce online and having it delivered.

Plus the fruit and veggies we get from Farm Fresh to You are fabulous. Staples like potatoes, carrots, lettuce, seem to be available year round while stone fruits like pluots, watermelon, and apples are seasonal. They also sell unique foods like heirloom tomatoes, Dapple Dandy pluots, and Gypsy peppers which you don't often find in an ordinary store.

Everything is picked at the peak of freshness, and you can choose different subscriptions levels of fruit, vegetable, fruit and vegetable mixes. You can also customize the box. Don't like tomatoes? No problem. Drop the tomatoes and order a few more ears of corn and some peaches instead!

Farm Fresh to You also sells gourmet foods, grains, nuts, fresh flowers, jams, jellies, almond butter, and so much more organic food to stock your pantry with as well.

You can also donate a box to a local food bank.

Feeling generous and philanthropic? They have an awesome Donate-a-box program where you can purchase a box that is sent to a local food bank. You can do this when you are out of town for the week instead of simply suspending the order, too!

Would you like to know what we do with all this great fruit? We snack it up!

4 Cute Snacks from our Farm Fresh to You Box This Week:

1. Nature on a Cucumber

Cherry tomatoes, cucumber, julienne carrots, plain and roasted red pepper hummus with cilantro and basil

2. Coconut Yogurt Pluot Peach Parfait

Coconut yogurt, Dapple Dandy pluots, and white peaches

3. Roasted Red Pepper Hummus and Crunch

Shishito peppers, white carrots (from last week's rainbow carrot bunch) roasted red pepper hummus, cilantro

4. Summer Fun Fruit Cup

Watermelon sticks, strawberry, and grapes in a paper cup ready for kids at the pool!

We have been getting Farm Fresh to You deliveries for over a year, now. What started out as a fun little surprise on our front porch once a month, has turned into a way for my family to eat organic and healthy all the time while making less of an impact on the environment.

So if you are thinking of trying out Farm Fresh to You, I have a coupon code for you! Try it out, customize your box and start enjoying the time you save!

Sign up for a Farm Fresh to You box now!

Use promo code KRIS3728 for $15 off your first box

* Remember to customize your box! You will get an email on Thursday around noon so you can customize your box until 10 am - 2 days before your delivery day.

** My box is a customized regular fruit and veggie box - and I stress fully customized. You can add as much as you want and I do! This order total at the time of this post was $57.87

*** You give the box back every week and they reuse it! :)


  1. very great post i love veggie snacks very creative photo

  2. What great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  3. That great to be very creative
    Thank u

  4. These are very creative snack packs that you've made here! They look delicious! I was wondering though, if it's possible to pick what you want, to have delivered from the farm?

  5. I love how you ideas are visibly appealing and presented!

  6. The cute snacks are so adorable. Little ones would definitely eat their fruit and veges if they looked like these!

  7. I Would love to try the coconut yogurt pluot peach parfait looks delicious :)


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