Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Our Family Labor Day Vegan Style

So here are a couple foods that were the highlight of our Labor Day gathering at my parent's house nearby. The first is my mom's vegan seitan which for those of you that don't know what that is, it's basically wheat gluten which is why I always say some vegan food is not good for celiac or sensitivities like that, but if you are good with gluten this stuff is AWESOME to bbq with and no animals harmed! I will try to get my mom to share her recipe soon...

Next up is Miyoko's Creamery Cheese. We bought their Labor Day special which was one free cheese in a pre-selected variety pack. The shipping soaked up most of the "deal" but then they popped up with a 15% coupon and now I'm their customer for LIFE. LIFE! (Most cheeses you will have to order 3 of to ship but Mom and I are joining orders - TWO for LIFE!).

Let me warn you, these cheeses will run approx. $12 each but they are truly worth it when you think of the local business you are supporting without hurting animals.

Everyone liked this Sun Dried Tomato Garlic cashew cheese the most but I liked the French Style Winter Truffle and am eating the leftover chunk while I write this. We need to come up with a recipe for the Mozzarella we bought from them and the Double Cream Chive is coming with us to our friends' house this week. Highly recommend these cheeses!!!

Here's my husband's favorite Farmhouse Miyoko's. My mom's is the Rustic Alpine (I can't believe I haven't tried this one yet!)

This post was not sponsored in any way by anyone or food of any kind. If you would like to feed me Miyoko or anyone Contact Me on the sidebar!


  1. This is the second time in two days that I have read about cashew cheese. I am intrigued. I am not vegan but I have family that is, so I often buy vegan, and often prefer it to "normal" foods. I will have to try this.

    1. It may be a little different than what you are used to but I think it's fantastic!

  2. The grilled sticks look delicious! I should try grilling tofu for a change.

  3. The vegan skewers look so yummy! I'm vegetarian, so this blog post is perfect for me to take some tips for bbq foods and snacks!

  4. My daughter wants to be vegan, but I was confused of how to do so, really it is way different than meat eaters. Comforting that she can eat cheese

  5. Very cool! Thanks for sharing!

    Jasmine P

  6. Such an awesome spread. I am always truly interested in all of your vegan posts. I have been reading and researching a lot into it and this is very helpful!


Thanks for the comment!

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