Thursday, November 26, 2015

The BEST Gift for Dad or Anyone on Your List and How to Get the BEST Deal

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My husband made it easier for me a couple months ago for his birthday. He said he wanted an Amazon Echo. Easy enough, until I noticed the price. It cost a little more than I thought a "speaker" should be. What I didn't know was that it was so much more than that.

Due to lack of a better idea, I ordered the Echo. I actually purchased it on a sale day and got it for a slightly better deal.

Right now, the Echo is Discounted for Black Friday!!!

Despite my concern for it being an expensive gimmick it had a beautiful intro sound, like the surround sound check at the movies. My husband skimmed the instructions. He asked in a regular voice, "Alexa, play Bob Dylan" and the Echo played a Bob Dylan song from our library. I LOVE Bob Dylan!

The cool things about the Amazon Echo for us besides the sound is really nice and fills the room, is that we are Prime Members so we have access to all the free music. I was shocked at how much music is free on Amazon when you are a Prime Member! You can also join for 30 days for free to check it out.

We can upload our own music library, or easily purchase a listen to music as well. "Alexa" which is what she is called will tell us the weather, traffic, sports scores, read audiobooks, news, and will also play our favorite Pandora stations, iHeartRadio, and more. I added so many albums to our library and can simply ask for them when I feel like it.

The Echo was a big hit with my hubby, but it started helping us put our 4 year old to bed with good music every night. The baby naps to classical, and I love it, too!

So now I need another one, and another one, and another so we can stop having to move it around our share it.

I recommend the Echo for kids, teenagers, and adults alike. The price point is in line with most electronics, these days, even a little lower than some. This is especially perfect for someone who almost has it all; tablet, phone, GoPro, etc. get them an Echo. They will enjoy it!

The future is here, folks, and we all need one.

Right now, get it on Black Friday Pricing! Hurry, the deal ends 11/30!!!

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