Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Vegan Turkey Boycott 2015

My vegan turkey platter.

I just came across a Turkey Boycott post I wrote a few years ago. It was my way of dealing with my frustration from all the turkey commercials, Facebook posts, Instagram pictures versus my feelings against the bloodbath of sad, neglected, unhealthy birds killed every year in gruesome ways to be consumed for a national celebration when they don't need to be.

This year, I'm doing a Turkey Boycott again, where we give all the turkey commercials, factory farms, ads, cartoons, everything that has a picture of a cute, happy turkey on it "the bird" and say NO to turkey on Thanksgiving.

Everyone is making such a big deal over eating the dry dead bird in commercials, Facebook posts, ads, accessorized with cute, happy turkey graphics, calling it "Turkey Day" just splashing this bird worship everywhere.  I'm going to make a big deal about not eating it. I'm not going to go anywhere where people are eating it and I'm not letting anyone eat it at my house.

Once again I'm boycotting turkey. Who's with me?

The bird was eliminated from my family's feast when I was a little kid and not ever missed. There are Tofurky roasts, Gardein, and other products that give that touch of tradition and anchor all your other vegan versions of your favorite vegetables, casseroles, and root vegetables. I want to make vegan sausage this year to crumble for a sausage style dressing and it's going to be epic.

We don't need a turkey on the table or any animal for that matter to have a festival of flavors, fragrant and colorful comfort foods, and fall favorites swapped for kind, animal-free ingredients.

I hope I get some high fives in this year's Turkey Boycott. Perhaps it could give some of you the empowerment you need to make it happen, especially if your family is interested in trying something new and kind.

If you are a voracious carnivore and cannot imagine doing a Turkey Boycott, please read a little more, watch some videos and put some kindness into your convictions. If you are going to chicken out again, there is always next year. Thanks for reading, thanks for listening, and thanks for thinking about boycotting Turkey. Here are some reasons why:

Turkey is not tradition. Turkey wasn't even at the first Thanksgiving and it won't be at mine.

There wasn't turkey nor were there women (besides the ladies that were cooking the foods that were available and popular at the time like deer, corn, etc. at the first Thanksgiving.) Turkey didn't become the popular choice until 300 years or so later.

So maybe your mom and grandma made turkey. Were they always right? I'm sure they ate a lot of things you wouldn't touch now and chances are, if your grandma saw pictures of the birds on the bulk of the turkey farms in the US they would probably turn their nose up to it because things have gotten pretty nasty since then.

Traditions are things that bring families together and we don't need to come together around a bird corpse that may have been rotting while it was still alive and not just during the long journey from the farm to your plate. If your family loves you, they will come to your turkey-free festivities anyway.

Turkey photographed during an undercover investigation By Mercy for Animals [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Turkey doesn't taste good.

If you find a way to inject, stuff, simmer, fry, in oil, with beer, with herbs, and cover with gravy, salt, stuffing, dressing, you are still getting a dry stringy turkey finish. You have to chew threw each fleshy bite to suck down whatever bodily fluids didn't disappear in extensive and unpleasant processing of a corpse and pretty much do every trick in the book to coat, soak, simmer, and cover it with other flavors. I've tasted things that are a million times yummier than turkey so lets skip the dead animal.

Turkey isn't healthy.

Turkey has a little protein and a little iron. Blah. Plus, I've seen plenty of pictures and video of turkeys on farms and they don't look very healthy. It looks like the farmers do the bare minimal to keep them alive and use the cheapest, dirtiest, inhumane practices possible because that's what keeps the profit margins high and prices reasonable. How could it possibly be healthy to eat them? With all the medications, GMO feed covered in pesticides, and lack of healthy habitat that is the industry standard, it's not!

Don't tell me your turkey was grass fed, free range, antibiotic, and hormone free because in that case, she was probably happy, had family and friends, and certainly didn't want to die.

Don't tell me you hunted the turkey yourself in the woods unless you're a hot prehistoric dude in a loincloth with a bow and arrow I don't even care to hear about it.

Turkeys are actually nice birds.

Turkeys form friendships, like to be petted, care for their young. They are actually nice birds that will become quite domesticated if given the chance.

Don't bring a turkey to my house.

If you think you need turkey because it's Thanksgiving, have it before you come over. It is not your right, or your choice, and definitely not the animals choice.

Don't thank God for turkey.

There is no god in the universe that would condone the practices at the modern factory farm and slaughtering operations. There is no turkey that wanted to die for your dinner. Don't try to thank God or whoever or whatever you thank at your Thanksgiving table because at this point you've seen the pictures on Facebook or found your way to my blog somehow. Now that you are informed, and you know there are other things you could eat you can stop thanking somebody else for "giving" you a creature that didn't want to die and thank yourself and all of us for boycotting turkey instead!

Boycott Turkey!

My Turkey boycott is in full force forever. I'm not just going to boycott turkey on Thanksgiving but with 46 million unwilling turkeys that will die this Thanksgiving, it is they best time to try to bring that number down and empower people that want to boycott turkey too!

Are you boycotting Turkey, too? 
Shout it out in the comments below!
Give everyone the bird!!!!

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