Tuesday, December 8, 2015

We Would #LuvRitz on a Northern California Trip and a $5000 Giveaway

I #LuvRitz with peanut butter and banana slices in Big Sur!

I was asked by Ritz Crackers to name a favorite travel destination a or memory. I immediately thought of an awesome trip my husband and I took  up to Northern California a few years back, pre-kids. With our new rescue pup, we drove from Southern California all the way up to Mendicino. We enjoyed spectacular vistas, excellent food, wineries, forests, gardens, beaches and of course, a lot of snacking along the way.

 Right now, Southwest Airlines and Ritz Crackers are giving away $5000 in Southwest Gift Cards! to one lucky winner who tells them where you would like to go and how you enjoy Ritz Crackers with #LuvRitzSweepstakes.

The landscape in California is stunningly picturesque and picnics can happen practically anywhere. I seriously always travel with peanut butter and crackers. Most of the time I have jelly or grab some fresh fruit or vegan cheese somewhere along the way, too!

I #LuvRitz with Peanut butter and apples on a picnic in Northern California!

Our state is known for it's temperate weather, beautiful coastline and breathtaking views.  If you pay attention while driving past Hearst Castle, you may spot a herd of zebras that graze in the fields. What a treat to see the adorable baby of the family!

California is also known for it's excellent wines with wineries from Southern to Northern California's fertile valleys.

I #LuvRitz with #Vegan Cheese in Wine Country!

We stayed at the lovely and dog-friendly MacCullum House bed and breakfast. Their food was amazing and our room was so cozy with an outdoor deck and a huge bathtub.

Do we #LuvRitz with our doggie?

Of course we share with Lulu! Lulu and I #LuvRitz in with hummus and olives in Mendocino.

Many of our most beautiful photos were taken off the beaten path in Northern California. From Victorian style churches to wildflowers and water, we preserved all the postcard-perfect scenes until we get a chance to explore more of this gorgeous state again.

Of course Lulu had a good time, too!

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