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2016 Shiftcon Social Media Conference, Promo Code, and Why Bloggers Should Meet Me There

*Disclosure: I'm a VIP Blogger for 2016 Shiftcon Social Media Conference and will be volunteering at the event. If you purchase a ticket to attend using the affiliate code in this post, I will receive a commission and I would love to meet you there!

This year, I'm looking forward to attending the healthy food and lifestyle blogging and social media conference, Shiftcon 2016, which is going to be held in beautiful and exciting New Orleans! I've been blogging for many years, first with my LEGO blog and now here on but Shiftcon was my very first time attending a gathering of other bloggers like me. If you are a veteran attendee or this would be your first time, I encourage you to get your tickets, now!

*Hurry and get in there RIGHT NOW for the Early Bird Discounted tickets which end on June 1st AND stack with my exclusive $50 off Promo Code: VMOMMYONTHEMONEY

Shiftcon features panels of industry experts and interactive workshops on topics like food safety, GMO labeling, organic food production, sustainability, healthy lifestyle, the environment, and of course, blogging and social media!

Tons of brands, non-profits, stores, and websites promote their brands by giving away samples, swag, and information at booths throughout the venue as well as hospitality suites designed to help bloggers promote their brands.

Last year, I found brands to work with that offered products for review and items to give away to my readers. As a blogger who covers just about anything I was introduced and inspired by many new products and causes, but that is just the tip of the organic iceberg.

If you've never been to a conference before, and you are wondering if it is really worth it, and you a you certainly will be once you walk in the door.

Shiftcon is known for its swag bag(s). You will most likely want to return to your car or hotel room to unload as soon as you are welcomed by the staff with bags of goodies including full-sized products, snacks, food, coupons, literature, and more. Don't worry, you are given reusable bags to carry it all in and can use the bags as you gather more samples, swag, and goodies as you make your way around the vendor booths.

Not only are you guaranteed a bunch of freebies, but brands and groups that boast their wares at Shiftcon offer giveaways exclusively for attendees from everything to tee-shirts to product prize packs. Odds of winning things within this relatively small group are higher than usual and I walked away with cool prizes like a tee-shirts and a nice Nutiva prize pack last year.

My only problem was deciding which panels to attend as there were more than one at the same time. This is when a discounted spouse ticket would have come in handy. My hubs did this for me at another conference this past year and it was pretty helpful.

Aside from all the workshops, freebies, and swag, there is fresh, organic food served at these events. Cocktails and dinners are provided each evening and what better to enjoy them with than your friends!

I was exclusively breastfeeding Ky during the conference last year and wore her the entire time. There were several other baby-wearing, breastfeeding mommas at the event that we clicked with.

Wait a sec, "friends" you ask?

You see, let me explain that one of the greatest things you may expect to find at a conference like Shifton is a community of like-minded individuals depending what you are into.

If you are an organic mom-blogger, a online yoga and fitness master, an organic Instagram photographer, a natural parenting writer, a non-GMO messenger, a food-allergy foodie, a crunchy cloth-diapering contributor, or just someone who over shares on their little niche-blog in obscurity, you will make friends at Shiftcon.

So, if you are ready to take the plunge and score your ticket to the blogging conference where you will make your money back in food, freebies, education, and friendship, I urge you to do so NOW because the time to score your ticket at an early bird discount is just about over.

Plus, use my code for $50 off: VMOMMYONTHEMONEY

Event: Shiftcon Social Media Conference

Official Dates: December 1-3, 2016

Location: Hilton New Orleans Riverside, 2 Poydras Street, New Orleans, Louisiana, 70130.

Registration Link:

Make sure to find me and say hello if you attend the event. Looking forward to seeing some of you there!!! Comment on this post if you are going so I can look out for my tribe. :)

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