Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day Move to Japan

As some of you may know, my husband is a Project Manager for LEGOLAND parks around the world. This year, he is working on LEGOLAND Japan. A little over a month ago he came to me and said that he wanted to head out to Japan to be on the ground for a few months as the timelines of some of his projects got shuffled around. His guy could not leave Dubai to oversee Japan as they had initially planned. He asked if we would like to join him.

Our son is 4, our daughter is 1, I work as a blogger and writer, so this was something I thought we could possibly do. I couldn't really think of a good excuse NOT to do it. Hubby rented an apartment, we packed everything up and here we are!

Since our apartment is not ready, yet, we are spending a couple weeks in a hotel in Nagoya. This is our first time in Japan and there is a lot to see and do, here.

We spent the last few weeks packing and prepping our house and tying up loose ends. As a blogger that has no staff (and I prefer it that way) my blog has suffered a bit. I've been trying to offer giveaways and other quick posts to keep things going around here, but things have slowed a bit. I'm not the big breadwinner in the family, so of course my blog is the first to suffer when we are tight on time.

Once we get settled and we get over the jetlag, I plan on getting back to one of my favorite things to do in the world - writing on this blog.

The kiddos and I, and Daddy too, when he has time, plan on exploring this city and all it has to offer. We have already been to the Pokemon store twice at the request of our 4 year old. We also plan on venturing out to Tokyo and Tokyo Disneyland if we can manage it.

Hopefully, I will be able to share all of our adventures and get back to polishing all the drafts that have piled up in my files. I truly love to write and work but as usual family comes first and we wouldn't have it any other way.

In the meantime, I am posting more frequently on Instagram and Facebook, so make sure you follow me there if you like to hear me babble or you want to see pictures of all the interesting and exciting adventures to come.

Side Note:
Us DeMarias are mostly vegetarian. I am mostly vegan and very rarely eat things that contain any animals products if I can help it. I always tell my kids that although we don't eat animal products at home, it is hard to eat vegan when we go out, so we just do our best. This is why the kids are vegetarian. I on the other hand, am just so OVER animal products. I have read and seen enough that I am not only opposed to the thought of consuming anything that came from an animal, I'm kind of disgusted and offended by it.

Quite frankly, I'm not sure how anyone could NOT be outraged by what is done to animals so humans can have their breast milk and meat. There is enough information, pictures, video and firsthand accounts of how animals are treated all the way up to the violent and horrific ends of their short lives. Rant rant rant.... my blog, my rant. Deal with it. I'm hangry, ok.

This has always been a difficult thing for me to reconcile with those around me who are blind to the facts, but as a social creature who cares deeply for humankind as well, I do my best to overlook other individuals' eating habits and lifestyles and instead focus on the good and inherent kindness of people, regardless of how they eat. I'm going to be employing this philosophy in a big way, here, where it seems as though like-minded vegans will be harder to find than English speaking Americans.

I thought being a vegan in Florida was hard... in Japan, it is a great way to go on a diet. On a positive note, this is why I brought my bikini and am already looking good in my size 4 shorts. SO looking forward to a vegan food festival here next week. I will make up for 2 weeks of starvation ;)

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