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Statue of Liberty Veggie Platter

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A few years back, I created this Statue of Liberty Veggie Platter for the Fourth of July. I published it to a website before I actually had my own blog and it just dawned on me that it was time it was able to immigrate over here! I wish I had some more gorgeous photos and a better tutorial but if you have a little bit of patience, it won't be too difficult to figure out and I can walk you through.

Here's the list of materials you will need to make a healthy, vegan veggie platter that will make a great centerpiece and conversation piece at your 4th of July party.

Food Items You Will Need:

2 Medium Sized Broccoli Crowns

2 Medium Cauliflower

5 or more Carrots

1 Green Pepper

1 Red Pepper

1 Yellow Pepper

add any more peppers sliced for your platter

Cucumbers, or any other type of Veggie you would like to add

Craft Supplies

5" square Styrofoam Block

8" Styrofoam Cone

Small pieces of styrofoam either left over or a small 1" slice from your 5" square

Divided veggie tray (plastic or glass)

Hot glue gun and glue (optional)

Wire cutters or strong scissors (to cut toothpicks and skewers)

Wooden Skewer Sticks

Round Wooden Toothpicks

Cocktail Toothpicks with Frilly Cellophane or foil (optional)

How To Build It:

First, find a good picture of The Statue of Liberty for reference.

Then, I like to use the plastic dip tray because I'm usually traveling with my veggie trays.

I cut a slice off my styrofoam block, shave it down to fit the center and hot glue it into place.

If you are using a glass or crystal plate, you may want to use some stick-em or some type of floral adhesive to secure it, especially if you are traveling with the tray. You can use goof-off or some type of goo remover to get the gunk off later on.

If you are NOT traveling with the veggie tray, it is totally possible for this sculpture to balance in place and once the tray is loaded with veggies, they will keep her from falling over. I would assume it could even travel this way, but I've never tried it.

Then I attach the remainder of the square to the center with hot glue and/or toothpicks for the pedestal base.

On top of the pedestal square, I use toothpicks and/or hot glue to secure the cone. (You could also use a squash as the base if you want to keep it all veggie!)

Once all styrofoam is set, I use toothpicks to stick my cauliflower florets to the square vase to form the pedestal.


Then I do the same with broccoli florets to form the body of the statue. This is really just following the shape of the cone. The statue comes out kind of fat and cute. Once you get to the arm holding the book, will make it jump out a little by using a fatter piece of broccoli or not pushing your pieces in so far.

Tuck in a square of cut green pepper to be your book.

Then, continue until your foam form is completely covered.

The head portion can be a little tricky. I created this with a very small square I cut from my styrofoam and cut down toothpicks and very small pieces of broccoli to create a "close-enough" head shape then attacked it to the body with a cut down skewer. I cut down tiny "spikes" from my green pepper and poked them into some toothpicks I had cut down.

The arm portion is just broccoli stacked on a skewer and I cut out a little torch out of yellow bell pepper. I had a weird shaped piece so it wasn't as flamey looking as I would have liked it but you get the idea.

For the fireworks I used a cocktail onion in the center and skewered thin strips of red pepper. You want to use the skewers poked through one end of the pepper and have them poke into as far into the other end as you can, hiding them in the back so your peppers will not go completely limp. These are tricky but totally worth the effort to get them right.

Then, you can use foil or cello toothpicks for added pop!

Finally, I use all the rest of my cut veggies around the base. You could make a dip for the water and I crafted a small boat for fun, or you could just go nuts with the veggies and have dips, salsa, or hummus on the side.

Happy 4th everyone and enjoy!

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