Friday, July 29, 2016

Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea in July 2016

Although I have another post planned, and I've already posted a post about the Vegan Food at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea, I thought I'd share a nice big batch of pictures with you all! I know many of you have been to on or both of the American parks, some of you have been lucky enough to see some of the other Disney parks in different parts of the world. We just got a chance of a lifetime to take a little trip to Tokyo from where we are staying in Nagoya, Japan and spend a few days at the Disney parks. As you probably guessed, they are amazing!
We took the Shinkansen to Tokyo, which was fun.

Some subway riding to get to our final destination.

Tokyo Disneyland!!! It was very similar to Disneyland. A lot of the rides were similar enough. The real treat was Tokyo Disney Sea which was unlike any of the American parks.

The Tower of Terror had a Venetian look.

This area had a Leonardo DaVinci Challenge which we managed to complete with our translating app.

Vesuvius would blow at various times throughout the day.

This is 20000 Leagues Under the Sea which I wouldn't recommend for small kids or those with even a mild claustrophobia. I can tell you this from experience.

The area was quite cool looking though.

This is where you hang up your kids on the monorail.

My husband and I have actually been to Venice, Italy and I swear it feels exactly like the real thing at Disney Sea.

This little girl loved playing in the Little Mermaid area. She was all smiles!

Sinbad Ride, a carousel, flying carpets and the decor was so amazing in this land...

This was a fun ride that I've never seen before. Warning: there is a WET side and a DRY side. We also learned this from experience. She told us "get wet" when we got in line the second time after going on the dry side and we were like yea, whatever, you don't really get wet on this ride. Haha we got SOAKED. Hubs shielded the baby the whole time. The boy wanted to go on again and again because the ride for the wet side was so short!

This place is exhausting. And HOT.

He was tall enough and old enough for this ride. I made Dad go on with him the first time. It made me too nervous even though I love it! Once the coast was clear and there were no tears or trauma, I joined him the next time we scored a Fastpass.

Blonde babies are automatic celebrities in Japan. She has learned to take her role a little more seriously and give out high fives as needed.

This is a really cool feature where you buy a $30 wand and it interacts with this light up stations until you collect all the lights in your wand. They also react to other wants and parades. I have to admit, it was kinda fun.

I'm usually a LEGO fan... ok I'm a toy fan, and these Nanoblocks are SO cute!

Tall enough for Big Thunder Mountain, too. Rode at least 5 times!

Gimme that!

Here you go.

This hat could use a cupholder.

Baby's favorite ride - Small World! Sinbad was very similar and she loved that too.

We found vegan food!

Scared much?

Poop tree. Oonchi!

The night show at the castle was awesome! So was the Electrical Parade.

My run on the Tower of Terror. He was "a little scared." 
Everyone wears kimonos to the parks. I can walk much faster than people in kimonos.

UPDATE: Check out our newest post Tips for Visiting Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea with all the Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea Secrets! 

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