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Vegan Food at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea Parks

As a vegan in Japan for a few months, I knew how hard it was going to be to find vegan food at the Tokyo Disney parks. There is literally meat, fish, egg, or dairy in everything in Japan. It is impossible to even find a plate of spaghetti or a SALAD without some form of meat or cheese in it. 

So when we headed out to visit Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea, I did a few searches online and confirmed my assumption that plant-based food at these Disney park was sparse. However, with a little bit of research, some success, some restaurants outside of the park, and the fact that you could shop a local supermarket and bring your own food in, we ended up eating quite well!

First I'll begin with Tokyo Disneyland. There are two restaurants that I found that offer vegan options and other locations around the park where you can find quick bites and snacks that fit the bill:

Vegan Food at Tokyo Disneyland

 Two table service restaurants that each have a vegan option.
(reservations required and can only be made at the door - go early!)

1. The Eastside Cafe

In the World Bazaar (make your first left after entering the park). The vegan option is pasta and salad and there is nothing particularly special about this dish but it was well-prepared and tasty. You can find the full menu and some info on this post from The Honorable Rat.

2. Center Street Coffeehouse

This restaurant is also located in the World Bazaar and can be found when you make your first right, and on the right hand side. The vegan option is a soup, salad, and a roasted vegetable baguette. We ate here, and the hubby and I loved it!

What else can you find at Tokyo Disneyland?

1. French Fries - I usually go ahead and assume french fries are vegan. I am not 100% sure that they have not had some sort of animal product creeping into the recipe but we ate several servings around the parks and they are your fairly standard fried potato product. You can find them in Toontown at Huey Duey and Louie's Gootime Cafe, Tomorrowland at The Plaza Restaurant, and there may be other locations, too.

2. Squeezer's Tropical Juice Bar - (Adventureland) Juice

3. Fresh Fruit Oasis - (Adventureland) Fresh fruit cups

Tokyo Disney Sea Vegan Food

Although I didn't visit/research EVERY restaurant in the park, I did find one that I can confirm would be a good choice for a vegan:

1. The Sailing Day Buffet

 (American Waterfront) This is a buffet style restaurant so they have a salad bar which is a perfect choice for a vegan. You must get there right after park opening to score a reservation, especially on a Friday through Sunday or during the busier seasons. We didn't eat there, but I was able to pop in quickly to take a few photos (blurry - sorry, but I thought it was better than nothing and could give you the idea).

These are basically the two tables of food. The above is a salad bar which is GREAT if you are a vegan. Even though there are not a lot of different foods and it is a pretty basic selection, a true vegan knows that you just need your vegan options and some dressing and you can proceed to pile it on.

The hot food below is another story... I did indeed notice a couple hot veggie and pasta dishes, but not sure how many were actually vegan. My guess would be 1 or two, but maybe some pick-able foods as in if you find something questionable... you pick it out.

Vegan Snack Foods at Tokyo Disney Sea

1. French Fries - (Cape Cod Cook-off in the American Waterfront)

2. Popsicles

There were pink lemonade and mango flavored Minnie Mouse shaped ice-pops when we were there.

3. Chips, Guacamole, and Salsa

(Found at Miguel's El Dorado Cantina in Lost River Delta) For a second there, I thought I was back in California! Then, we found that the guacamole was more like the kind you get in the grocery store, not the Mexican restaurants. However, if you are hungry, go for it! It is a VERY small amount of guac, so I suggest NOT sharing. The little girl ate all of mine while I was trying to take the picture. Lucky for me, I also scored a trio of DELICIOUS fruity tequila shots and hubby and I each ordered a beer here, so I didn't really notice.

This counts as vegan food, doesn't it? I didn't see any worm, so we're good, right?!

Very refreshing!

4. Fruit

 at Papadakis Fresh Fruit (in the American Waterfront)

5.  Potato Churros (*NOT 100% SURE IF THESE ARE VEGAN*)

Located at a little stand to the right of the 2000 Leagues Under the Sea ride area, there is a small stand that sells these. My family were hungry (again!) and I saw the word potato. I tried to find an email contact for Tokyo Disney and failed so I am still not sure. 

I found the center to be very doughy which very much reminded me of pancake batter which often has egg and possibly milk, so I wouldn't count on it but it was VERY GOOD so I thought I'd include it with hopes that one of you would do the full investigation for me and report back. Please comment if you do. We ate like 7 of them. 

Can you bring your own food into Tokyo Disneyland? YES!

Places to get vegan food outside of Tokyo Disneyland

I thought it would be helpful to add the places outside the park that you can get vegan food because you can easily get to there via the Monorail and if you are a vegan, you will most likely want to do so.

We stayed at the Hotel Okura Tokyo Bay which had a lovely breakfast buffet that had plenty of salad, fruit, cooked veggies, rice etc. that I was very happy with. All of the hotels in the area most likely have buffet restaurants, but they can be pricey and you really want to have the full experience in the parks so we don't waste too much time/money eating in the hotels. We actually ate there on the last day when we were heading home at a leisurely pace but it was perfect!

The most important place you will want to know is the Ikspiari shopping center.

Vegan food and groceries at Ikspiari Shopping Center

Ikspiari is a shopping mall on the monorail route with lots of food options. We stopped over there daily for food and groceries.

Supermarket - On the lowest level of Ikspiari there is the Supermarket. You can buy everything from fresh fruit and veggies to chips and salsa here. They have tons of snacks, prepared foods, canned foods, beer, wine, you name it. We grabbed chips and salsa to bring into the parks. We also had cans of olives, corn, chocolate covered fruit, fresh fruit, nuts, peanut butter, jelly, bread - so much good food you wouldn't need to bring anything in your suitcase, or search or buy ANYTHING to eat in the park. 

If you are serious about bringing your own food into the parks, I would bring some containers, reusable snack bags and those sort of things. You could easily make yourself an entire meal and bring it in after shopping here, but you will need a way to carry/transport it.

This made a great snack in Disneyland when we were sick of french fries.

There are also TWO Italian restaurants in Ikspiari. Sorry I don't have the names off the top of my head. One is on the third floor, one is on the fourth. In one on the 3rd floor, you can get yourself a beautiful Pizza Marinara. In the one on the fourth floor, there is a spaghetti marinara on the menu. Both are delicious. You can also get a salad in both locations.

TGI Fridays - This familiar chain has a nice big bowl of tableside-made guacamole that is far superior to what is in the Disney Sea. You can also enjoy bruschetta (make sure you specify NO CHEESE because they sprinkle parmesan on this) and french fries here before heading back into the park. It is on the very top floor of Ikpsiari.

If you know any more vegan options or great places to eat in the area that are suitable for vegans, please comment below! Thank you!!!

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