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LEGOLAND Malaysia Hotel with TWO Rooms Review and All the Vegan Food

Back in 2011 my hubs spent almost the entire year working on building the LEGOLAND Malaysia theme park while I stayed home with a newborn baby. We've always wanted to see the great work he did on the park so we decided to tag along on his latest trip. We are going to show off the suite we stayed in at LEGOLAND Hotel Malaysia, our friend, the park designer's room, who joined us for the fun, and our favorite place to eat - Bricks Restaurant which had lots of options for everyone - even the vegans, vegetarians, and picky eaters!

WHOA, it's expensive. Is it WORTH it???

If you've never been to a LEGOLAND Hotel, and your kids are LEGO fans, let me start out by saying it is TOTALLY worth it. They may be pricey, but it is complete LEGO immersion from the second you pull up to the building, which looks like it is made out of LEGO, walking into the lobby, where there is LEGO everywhere, and your room!!! All rooms at the hotel are LEGO theme. It is a colorful and memorable experience.

Yarrr! The Premium Pirate Room - Call yerself some room service, matey!

We got a Premium Pirate room! Floor to ceiling is decorated with LEGO carpet, graphics, models - even the bathroom has LEGO models in it.

First thing to do when you enter the room is to order room service?! Well, it was for us! We were starving and they had plenty of vegetarian options and even some vegan food on the menu. It was 2am and we were wide awake due to too many plane and car naps and all the LEGO! LEGOOOOO everywhere!!! Order some soda and one of everything veg. Let's get the party started. This is the closest I've come to a punk show after-party in 10 years. Gawd I'm old. And either really effing cool or freakin' senile about how cool I am...

Vegan and Vegetarian Pirates don't need to walk the plank!

What is in these??? Good stuff. Is it vegetarian? YES. Is it vegan? Can you trust a pirate?

Also, not sure how vegan the combo plate is, but at a 2am after party, sometimes the vices come out. All I can say is there is no cheese, and everything was food stuffing fabulous. If you want to be SURE you are eating vegan, the pasta (specify no cheese) is a perfect post-plane party food.

Rooms Designed with Little Kids in Mind

Once your excessive food order is called in, you do the LEGO treasure hunt. All LEGOLAND hotels have this and the goal is to answer the questions to get the correct combination to a safe which contains a few surprises for the kiddos. This was our second time at a LEGOLAND hotel with the kids so they knew the drill. We scored a couple small sets, some stickers, and some other swag.

There is also DUPLO to play with in all of the rooms so kids can scatter them everywhere to make sure the grown-ups don't miss out on the obstacle course they're used to at home. If the "Adults Keep Out" sign didn't clue you in on who this room is designed for, then you need to step on some LEGO to snap you back to reality!

We finally got the kids washed up in their kid height sink, which made my son want to brush his teeth excessively. (Gotta love it! Maybe we need this at home...) The baby is used to sleeping on a mattress on the floor and it's great because they have a pull out trundle bed under the bottom of the bunk. You have room for 3 kiddos in this room with a separate room with a queen size bed for the grown ups.

A spider watched us shower and use the toilet. Just like at home! #wedontkillspidersunlesstheytrytokillusfirst #legoblackwidowsareprovensafe

Davey Jone's Locker is in here!!!

My husband shared a little secret of the room decorations. Hiding behind the sail over the bed in the master is a LEGO skull and crossbones! I'm sure there are very few people who know about this. He wasn't even sure if the GM of the hotel knew and made a note to tell him about this buried treasure...

The Kingdom Themed Suites are HUGE

We also got to tour one of the Kingdom Themed Suites where our friend stayed. The hotel was pretty booked up when we visited, so I think our rooms were two of the last available at this time. His room was HUGE and sleeps up to 8 people! This could be a lot of fun for a big extended family or just a lot of space for your little fam to build LEGO and run around. There are TWO bathrooms, a big communal area, a big bunk bed room, and a separate master. A lone 40 something year old AFOL can have fun in here, too. Don't rule it out.

Vegetarian, Vegan, and Ethnic Food

As a family of picky eaters, vegetarians, and vegans (even our friend is mostly veg) we were delighted at the tremendous selection for meals at the Bricks Restaurant. I think this buffet style restaurant had the most different food that was suitable for a sweeping wide range of dietary needs and preferences than any recent restaurant that we had been in, even by far surpassing the LEGOLAND Hotel in Florida.

As a vegan, not only was I able to make a salad for every meal, but there were mock meats and variations of different vegetables, tons of fruit, veggies - even tempeh and tofu to craft my salad compositions.

There is a lot of ethnic foods to suit different tastes as well which was fun to sample (at least for me!)

The kids usually enjoy a variety of fruit and veggies at these type of places. Although we eat mostly healthy and vegan at home, they usually want some type of tater tots, baked goods, or cheese at buffets. If a buffet doesn't have some type of fried potato product, especially a kids' hotel, they have some explaining to do. These guys delivered. Not only do they have potatoes. They have smiley face potatoes. I can't vouch for the vegan-ness of these, but I also can't pass up a smiley face potato. Fingers crossed I'm still a vegan...

The kids don't really go for the pancakes or waffles (I'm going to go with the fact that mine and hubby's versions cannot be topped so it isn't worth it) and you are at a buffet for goodness sake. They have donuts. Donuts became the breakfast food of choice for my little minifigs. You will walk through the LEGO pit without your shoes if you try to enforce house rules here. Let them have the donuts.

Dinners are just as much of an adventure, with plenty of options. The kicker is the dessert bar. Vegans steer clear of here, or get kicked out of the way by your vegetarian family who just got back to the creative dessert station. One night they had cupcake decorating, the other was cookie design. You are already so full from your second trip to the buffet, so you're cool, but if you have to restart your vegan clock at this point in life, just remember LEGO people don't judge. One of the many things we like about them.

Make sure you give yourself enough time to enjoy this hotel with your kiddos. We were there 3 days and the first one, my husband worked all day and the kids JUST wanted to play in the lobby the entire time.  I really could have saved myself half a tube of sunscreen if I had known, but it was all good. I had albeit SLOW wifi and data and I was tired from our wild party the night before.

I bribed the big one to put down his weapons by buying a few small LEGO sets in the LEGO store so the little one (and I) could get down for a nap. (Yes, 98% of the kids are building weapons out of LEGO in the lobby from swords to whatever it is my son has created in the pic below. The other 1% are being creative, and 1% are my 1 year old building... memories, okay. They're memories.) I always bring snacks on a trip, so LEGO and snacks gave us a few hours so we could be up for the park when Dad got back from his meetings.

I want to exercise my 2nd Amendment rights! Oh wait, I'm in Malaysia. And I'm four.

In the evening, there are movies and more LEGO to play with while grown-ups chill if you aren't too wiped out from the heat and the park. The convenience of being located right next to the park makes this so easy. There's also a pool on the rooftop with a shallow kiddie pool, and an Italian restaurant for a table service dining experience.

We really enjoyed our stay and LEGOLAND Hotel. This is the perfect place for little kids, LEGO fans, Adult Fans of LEGO, your crabby uncle (they even have a bar in Bricks Restaurant so it is really tough to find a reason to be grouchy here.)

Tips from The @RightOnMom

Recommended stay: 4 nights
This gives you enough time to play in the hotel, enjoy your room, do at least one full day at the park and one full day at the water park, as well as some additional in-park time on any of the days while allowing for days cut short due to travel time.

Just try to get them out of here. Seriously, I dare you. They ALL build swords and shields and you are armed with an iPhone and hand sanitizer. Whatcha gonna do?! That's what I thought.

Ask for a Park View Room
It is so exciting and amazing to look out over a LEGOLAND Park through these big hotel windows.

But the air-conditioning is only in here, baby!

Bring your own snacks
If you want snacks for the kids while at LEGOLAND, bring them with you on your trip. You will not find a convenience store or sundries shop in or around this hotel. Plus, the food inside the actual park may not be suitable for all dietary needs

Bring your own nightcap or bevs
If you want adult beverages in your room, get your wine at the Singapore Airport although you may never actually manage to stay up later than your kids. Theme parks are exhausting. There is no minibar in the room. You deserve a stiff drink or high fructose corn syrup bubbly beverage of choice at the end of this long hot day with the small folk if you can stay up past 8:30 after all the fun.

They keep the LEGO pieces big in the brick bins so the little ones can enjoy, too. There's an area near the Bricks Cafe with a tv screen that has games and movies and they have the giant soft LEGO to play with.

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