Thursday, September 8, 2016

LEGOLAND Malaysia Photo Tour Including ALL of Miniland

We recently took a little trip over to Malaysia to visit LEGOLAND and stay at their awesome LEGOLAND Hotel. LEGOLAND parks have always been my favorite places to visit. I grew up playing with LEGO as one of my all time favorite toys and now my son chooses LEGO over everything else, hands down. A few years back I worked as a Master Builder (like Emmet!) at LEGOLAND California and worked my way up to managing the project team that worked on the models for LEGOLAND Malaysia. I traveled to all the LEGOLAND parks, met my husband along the way. Found out we both were a little obsessed with LEGO among other similarities.... 

A lot has happened since then, so getting to finally see all the work I helped start for LEGOLAND Malaysia finished and in the park was sorta like seeing your babies all grown up. I had flashbacks of so many of these Miniland models sitting on my teams' desks. I could remember who was building each of them, what their challenges were, what their triumphs were, how proud I was of everyone's work, and how much I enjoyed being part of such a cool project. 

So many memories and so many great things about this park, but I really don't want this post to get too wordy. My time working for this company is done. However, I developed a love for taking pictures of LEGO models and architecture and thought I'd share all the pics here for everyone to enjoy.

Also, I have to mention how super proud I am of my husband after visiting this park. He managed all the model installation while I stayed back in the States with our newborn son. This area was completely barren when he moved here in 2011 so we decided there really was no point in me moving there with nothing for me and the baby to do and we stayed back in California. 

We missed him terribly. He was able to come home every 5-6 weeks or so for a week or so, but he really missed out on a lot of our young son's first year to make this project happen and to provide for our family. Sticking with his job even though it weighed so heavily on him and strained our family allowed him to spend the next few years working mostly from home and making up for all the time he missed. 

So with that, I hope you can all appreciate the amazing work he did, all the passion and love we put into our teams and their creations and the year we gave up together so tons of other families can enjoy this magical place. It really is worth a visit. (So much for too wordy. Here's like 60 pictures for you so you can scroll on).

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