Thursday, October 13, 2016

DIY How to Train Your Dragon Hookfang Costume

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A couple years ago my son asked if he could be Hookfang from How to Train Your Dragon. I searched online for a ready made costume and came up empty handed. Not only that, but the Toothless costume that was available was SOLD OUT! I decided to get crafty and this is what I came up with!

Although I don't have a complete pattern or step by step tutorial, I do have some fairly detailed pictures that can make it very easy to copy the a costume and a nice little supplies list. To make it REALLY easy, you can do it all without sewing if you like. That's right. NO SEW! I did it all with a glue gun and safety pins because I simply did not want to deal with my sewing machine. I purchased the sweatsuit and hat to make it really simple just to add all the details and it was all done in just a few evenings before our first Halloween event.

What you need:
2 yards x 3 yd red felt fabric
2 smooth foam balls (eyes)
1 bag white stuffing
1 8 1/2 x 11" sheet of white felt
Black acrylic paint
Yellow acrylic paint (came out orange on the belly but looked great!)
Safety pins
Glue gun
Hot glue sticks
One large 18x24" white poster board (to make a wing pattern - or you can "wing it" lol)

What you do:
For wings: Freehand a wing pattern like this on your posterboard, cut it out, lay it on our red felt and trace 2x for two wings. Cut out wings. Safety pin, Glue or sew under arms of sweatshirt.

Paint a "belly" on the sweatshirt.

For the hat, I created the spikes by hot gluing the cones out of triangular pieces of the felt fabric, stuffing them really full with the cotton and gluing them to the hat.

Then I painted the "eyes" on the foam balls, glued them to the hat and glued eyelids from "eye" shapes I cut out of the felt.

Finally, I cut a row of teeth out of the white felt and glued them to the brim of the hat.

The tail was also a very long triangly I cut out and glued into a cone shape and stuffed with stuffing. I pinned it to the shirt in case it had to be removed. I also glued a row of spikes I free-handed on the fabric. The tail was a little long, but he loved it!

The costume may look complicated but it was actually pretty easy to make. My son LOVED it. He enjoyed flapping the wings and got a lot of attention for the costume that year.

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