Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Nagoya Castle and Kimono Experience with Kids

We have been staying right near Nagoya Castle in Japan and I noticed that they were having a special event to try on kimonos so we headed over to check it out.

Nagoya Castle is a great place to visit with the kiddos. Not only is it beautiful, but there are expansive grounds where the kids can run around and play outside. There are daily Samurai shows, food, drinks, souvenirs, special events, shows, and the actual castle is a small museum with an observation deck on the top floor. 

The kids got to watch a ninja show then went on to do the kimono experience. At first our 5 year old said he didn't want to do it. I'm not really into the whole nagging and forcing thing and I was pretty happy that at least the 22 month old said 'yes' to the kimono even though she hadn't had a nap at all in at was 2:30pm. I know SCARY.

The cool thing is that our big boy changed his mind at the last minute. I think a lady that was speaking English to us helped convince him by chatting up how great it was. We had bought a little pack of plastic weapons at the gift shop and she told him he would feel like a samurai. He certainly did. The lady that was helping him with his kimono tucked his sword into the sash.

One thing I've noticed about staying in Japan is that people are very interested in our kids. There are very few Americans around here and even fewer blondes. They are treated like celebrities everywhere they go which can lead to an interesting experience. Times that by 100 when you stick them in kimonos and put them out in public. 

A crowd literally formed around them and everyone was taking pictures with very few asking for permission. It was a little unnerving. One thing I have to say is that my daughter was painfully shy when we first got to this country and she had definitely come out of her shell since then due to the constant attention. I'd like to think that it's a good thing. My son has always been very outgoing and I wonder how he'll feel when he gets back to California and he's just another kid in the crowd again...

Regardless, Nagoya Castle is a great place to visit and the free special kimono experience was pretty awesome. I highly recommend stopping by if you are ever passing through.

Check out the video of our day!


  1. I love these pictures! Looks like so much fun. Your daughter looks adorable. Well of course they both do, but it's just too cute seeing a little toddler in a kimono!

    1. Thank you so much! I was absolutely dying over it too. Now I totally get why the girls love wearing them so much here. They are just so beautiful.


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