Thursday, February 23, 2017

Diapering in Japan Vs. Diapering in the US with Luvs #ShareTheLuv

* This post was sponsored by Luvs. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

I've written a lot about diapers over the last 5 years. We currently have a little one in diapers, we've traveled with diapers, cloth diapered, tested and reviewed all different diapers, figured out where to find the best coupons for diapers, or how to get the best deals on diapers... This year we got to try diapering our baby in Japan and were surprised to find that things are a little bit different here.

Diaper choices are limited in Japan.

There are not a lot of diaper brands to choose from in Japan. Japan is not known for its variety. In America, we are used to having many, many choices for every type of product we use from American diapers like Luvs that are an excellent value for a reasonable price to diapers with stylish designs.

In Japan, options are very limited. You are lucky to find a few different brands of diapers in stores and in smaller stores, you will buy the one type they carry.

There are no coupons for diapers in Japan.

You also don't find the coupons and excellent deals in Japan that we are used to in the US. Back in America, you can find an amazing deal on diapers AND stack it with a coupon.

Luvs is sharing the love this February...

Here's where to find the BEST coupons for Luvs Diapers:
for my US readers only (sorry Japan!)

Diapers aren't sold in supermarkets in Japan.

If you want diapers in Japan, you will not find them in a supermarket or grocery store. You will need to go to a drug store. You will be lucky to find a small pack of diapers or wipes in a convenience store. I've been happy to be able to grab a pack of "wet tissues" in 7 Eleven.

Diapers don't have tabs in Japan

The most popular diaper brands in Japan are similar to the American style pull-up diapers that do not have adjustable/positionable tabs. These are great if you are putting a diaper on a pants-free toddler and you just rip them open to get them off. However, if you are out and about and you need to put a fresh diaper on a child wearing pants and shoes, you pretty much have to undress the child from the waist down to get a fresh diaper on and then get it all back on again. Slip-on shoes are big here, for the younger set.

Although you can find diapers with tabs in Japan, you may have to search a few different drug stores for them. This makes me miss our options in the states!

Diaper sizes in Japan matter - but not that much.

In the US, Luvs diapers, for example are available in sizes newborn through 6. That is 7 different sizes! In Japan, you choose Small, Medium, or Large. Remember what I said about choices. They make it very simple for you here.

So hopefully you enjoyed another one of our little insights about life in Japan! We had fun sharing with you and guys and if you a have a little one in diapers make sure you get the best deals on Luvs by printing your coupons, enjoy your wide range of sizes, styles, and the nice large tabs so conveniently attached.

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