Friday, February 10, 2017

Vegan Valentines Hummus and Hearts Healthy Snack

Valentine's Day is almost here and I had some fun coming up with some more cute and healthy holiday theme vegan food to serve my loves. These little hors d'oeuvres are made with plain and sun-dried tomato hummus, toasted bread, cherry or small Roma tomatoes, carrots (mine are yellow and the purple skin kind) and cilantro. These snacks are fun and easy to make with a sharp knife, a scissor, and a little patience.

The tomatoes I used were small Romas. You can see I removed the leaves first and cut a triangle out of the top with a sharp knife. 

Then I sliced them into 4 heart shaped slices. I cleaned them up snipping around the outside with a scissor if they were not heart shaped enough for my liking.

Then I chopped up my yellow carrots into long rectangular "arrows" slicing a little slit in each end for the cilantro on one end and arrowhead on the other.

My purple skinned carrot was my arrow head. I sliced these as thin as possible and cut them into triangles. If you can't find these colorful carrots, I would just use an orange carrot. This is just what I had on hand.

Assemble your arrows.

Then I sliced and toasted my french bread and spread some of my homemade plain hummus and sun dried tomato hummus (which is just sun-dried tomatoes in oil added to my plain hummus) on the toast.

After putting the arrows on the toast, I added a little extra hummus in the middle to stick my heart onto.

The finished product was SO cute!

These are something that little kids can get excited about. My kids don't really like tomatoes so if you are in that predicament, you could cut red peppers into heart shapes with your scissor or cookie-cutter.


French bread sliced and toasted
Cherry or other small tomatoes cut into heart shapes
Carrots (I used yellow and orange with purple skin to make these colorful)
Fresh cilantro (sub parsley)
Hummus (I used homemade plain and sun dried tomato flavors by simply adding sun dried tomatoes to my plain recipe)

What you do:

Assemble as shown above and serve!

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