Saturday, May 13, 2017

Snack of the Month - Fat by Nature

When we got back home to California, we had NOTHING in our fridge. We did our best to get our kitchen stocked with food but it a food delivery from one of our sponsors, Fat by Nature, couldn't have come at a better time. These healthy, slightly sweet, with a touch of salty snacks barely made it in the house...

It was kinda fitting that we got two resealable brown craft paper bags filled with plant based snacks while we were pulling overtime hours out in our neglected front yard.

We got to try Fat by Nature Lemon Ginger Rose and Carrot Cake flavored snacks while out in nature! If you've ever had a protein bite, or a "bliss ball" these are quite similar in concept. They are made of coconut butter, nuts, and other natural ingredients mainly from organic sources. These snacks are high in nutrition, quite satisfying, filling too!

The kids were ready to test them out!

Our Fat by Nature Review

These treats tasted very reminiscent of a snickerdoodle cookie or some other kind of soft-baked type of cookie, snack, or cake with just a touch of sweetness. The kids enjoyed them as a snack and they worked well with a mixed plate of fruit, veggies, and other foods. This is definitely something I could see adding to a lunch, bento box, or as an after-school treat as well as part of a work-day snack, lunch, or energy booster.

They recommend that you refrigerate these snacks for freshness.

Don't let the name fool you. Fat by Nature is all about the GOOD fat. At a time where we really need to avoid all the unhealthy saturated fat in meats, cheese, and processed foods, we should be filling up on all the healthy fats in foods like nuts, nut butters, avocados, and coconuts.

The best part is that you can order Fat by Nature snacks online and have them shipped to your door. We are big fans of a having a rotation of healthy foods, snacks, treats, and staples delivered to our door. It uses less fuel (because the mail services are in the neighborhood anyway) save our time and makes sure we always have something to eat and snack on even when we are too busy to go to the store.

Dad and daughter were ready for a snack!

Fat by Nature worked well in a kid's lunch. It is minimally sweet, with no refined sugar and only a tiny bit of natural sweetener.

Hippie Baby look

Hat and flip-flops: Target Tie-dyed tee: Legoland CA Pants: H&M Lunch: Cantelope, avocado, black olives, roasted pistachios, Fat by Nature Carrot Cake ball

If you want to purchase or gift some of these Fat by Nature snacks check out their online store.

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