Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Official Animal Rights March San Diego 2018 - Why We Marched with Kids

This was the first year that The Official Animal Rights March took place in San Diego and the first march I went to with kids. This is a worldwide march started in London in 2016 that has grown around the globe. Marching isn't something I always want to do but I'm getting used to it and will continue to march for issues I believe are not being addressed. Animal Rights is especially important because a lot of people STILL don't know how much every single animal suffers and fights an untimely death. Billions of animals are needlessly slaughtered every year, a large percentage going right into the trash without even being consumed because we demand it. Well we demand that it stops.

I did cartoon signs as a sort of counter protest to cartoon character advertising on animal based kids foods.

I decided to make the video above because because I was a little nervous about the whole experience and it helped me focus on what I was doing and get it out in a ton of live and the edited video on all my platforms. I'm so glad I did this with the kids, my husband, one of my best friends, and many of these people who have become like family to me through San Diego's two Anonymous for the Voiceless chapters as well as leaders, voices, and faces in the vegan and activist community from Southern California and surrounding areas.

My response to how they teach kids in schools about animals on farms as cute, happy, and normalize the hidden and horrific practices to process these individuals into food. Teachers have to go against the morals of kindness and non-violence I've taught my kids when they are in Kindergarten during a farm lesson.

We got to be around so many people we've come to know in our community in person for the first time and it was fun, we felt safe, it was exciting, and it was a moving and profound experience.

The kids were happy and made some new friends. I want to make sure any moms and dads feel like they can bring kids to one of these marches and it can be a positive experience. Bring a wagon or a baby carrier though. These kids LOVED their Wee-gan Wagon! #weeganwagon

#WeeganWagon - A wagon full of small vegans #friendsnotfood

The Official Animal Rights March is a great way to use our voices, bodies, signs, and passion to get the word out how each and every one of us can save animals, save the environment, and save our health. I can't wait to do it again next year. I hope you enjoy my video and I hope you all get out there too.

Learning chants. It feels good to yell "Justice for animals" with a crowd! 

The following photos are by photographer Eddie Hoffman

Hope to see you at The Official Animal Rights March next year!

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