Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Vegan Challenge: The 30-Day Program for Eating Healthier and Improving Your Diet with Vegan Foods - Book Review and Giveaway

I was sent a complimentary copy of the Vegan Challenge book by Lisa Montgomery. Not only is this book full of recipes but it combines it all into a 30 day program and meal plan. With each daily meal plan there is a daily fact, an affirmation quote, and lined space for notes. There is also an equipment section explaining the different juicers, blenders, and cookers used in some of the recipes.  I really liked the variety of  healthy recipes in this book and the added bonus of being a tool to help someone become vegan.

The author, Lisa Montgomery, healed from illness and controlled allergies by adopting a plant based diet and became so passionate about the health benefits she had experienced that she got certified as a Health Coach and Raw Chef Instructor.

The meal plan/challenge section has the recipes, a daily fact, a daily affirmation and lined space for notes.

Most of the breakfast recipes are smoothies which pretty much aligns with what I eat for breakfast these days as a 4 year vegan. I'm particularly interested in the Mediterranean Layer Pie on p. 138 and the Quinoa Enchilada Casserole on p. 116 for my vegan family dinners.

I have a whole lot of cashews in my freezer that I've already soaked overnight and I've been thinking of what to do with them. There are a bunch of rich cashew based cheese recipes and and sauces like the remarkably simple Cashew Spread on p.120 that I want to try.

Vegan Challenge also has a variety of recipes that are contributed from other authors so it contains both easy and more complex recipes with different cultural influences. There are raw recipes as well as vegan comfort food that uses some of the replacement meat and cheese items on the market which are great for transitioning from a western diet.

I would love to give this book to someone I know who would like to go vegan! Check it out and buy it on Amazon:

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