Friday, April 19, 2019

Inch Worms by Ravensburger - Game Review

My little kid is getting into games just like her brother and just got to try out Inch Worms, a cute measuring, matching, worm-catching game from Ravensburger. It is a game meant for ages three and up and you can play with 2-5 players. One round takes about 15 minutes and there are two ways to play depending on whether you choose colors or numbers on the spinner.

The game comes with a grassy mound, 10 Inch Worms and the double-sided spinner. Players take turns and what you spin determines how many sections of a worm you pull out. The player with the most worm sections wins.

This game is great for the little ones learning how to count, learning their colors, and even has some fun aspects with these silly worms that you get to pull out section by section. You can snap them all together to create one long one to make it easier to see who wins.

This is an easy and fast game. The hardest part is pushing the worms through the mound to begin the game but a grown-up or bigger kid can help with that. Our 4 year old really liked it and she recommends it for kids her age!

This is one of Ravensburger's newest games and you should see it in toys stores and in their online store soon!

We also have one to giveaway in a Family Game Night Prize Pack, so check it out if you'd like to win.

We received a complimentary game from Ravensburger to review.

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