Monday, April 22, 2019

Kids Obstacle Challenge - Mud, Run, and Fun for Kids!!!

This weekend our kiddo was invited to do two of his most favorite things in the world - run around outside and get dirty - at the Kids Obstacle Challenge here in San Diego, with one of his most favorite people in the world - his dad!!! This was such a fun family mud race for them to participate in for their first time that it might become a habit. Check out our pics of all the obstacles and fun and find out when it's coming to a city near you!

We were invited by Razor, the makers of the Best Scooter around, and also the maker of electric heel wheel skates, hoverboards, electric skateboards, etc. They also provide prizes for the Competitive Waves. He was super excited! He tends to get sucked into screen time if we don't keep him active but he does a lot of parkour at home, rides bikes, jumps on the trampoline, and he eats a really healthy plant based diet. 

About the Kids Obstacle Challenge:

Kids Obstacle Challenge is an adventure and obstacle course race series for kids ages 5-16, with 12-15 fun and challenging obstacles and mud in a 1.5-2 mile course. They are the largest touring adventure and obstacle course event series for kids in the nation. It is a FAMILY adventure so parents get to run alongside their kids for free! In the Competitive Wave, winners receive prizes provided by Razor

Family Waves are for kids ages 5-16
Competitive Waves for kids ages 10-16

Was the Kids Obstacle Challenge FUN???

The guys both said they had lots of fun! We weren't sure how challenging this was going to be or if it was going to be too hard. Our kid is at the end of 1st Grade and isn't necessarily athletic, but he is active. Dad rides bikes on the regular but said this was still quite challenging for him too in a good way! 

Not only did our favorite boys get outside in the fresh air at a beautiful park, they got to have a nice bonding time together without the rest of us, and some lifelong memories were made, maybe even a tradition started, a tribe joined, a goal met. They keep talking about it and how much fun it was. We'll probably be interested in joining next year when our little one is old enough too!

Plus, we love being able to show that a kid who has been a vegan for almost two years and a vegetarian from birth has just as much, if not more, stamina, coordination, and strength as every other kid out there. He's proud to be vegan for the animals but doesn't mind showing off how plant-strong he is either!

and see if they are coming to a city near you!

More Info and Register Here:

Yea, they had fun!!!

Post Sponsors:

People have known Razor for almost 20 years as the creator of the Best Scooter out there….and Razor has way more than just scooters…electric heel wheel skates, hoverboards, electric skateboards and so much more! But the core of what Razor is about is getting kids outside to play for some fresh air and family time. Whether it’s an old-school kick scooter or propelling yourself with Razor’s NEW Turbo Jetts, Razor proves kids don’t have to be attached to a screen to have fun!

Razor & Kids Obstacle Challenge believe that families and fun go hand and hand and there is nothing better than fresh air and playing in the dirt!

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