Wednesday, June 19, 2019

5 Tips for Traveling With Family

Traveling with family can be incredibly fun, particularly if you’ve amassed your extended family to come and join you. However, bringing the little ones along with you can also be stressful as well as enjoyable, as you’ll need to ensure they have all the right documentation and a suitcase that covers a full day out and about. If you’re looking to plan a holiday with your family, but are worried about where to begin, here are a few tips.

Keep your itinerary loose

This refers to both before and after your trip: you don’t want to be travelling with little ones and a tight schedule. Keeping your itinerary loose and broad means that everyone’s tastes can be catered for and within a reasonable timescale. It’s also advised that your schedule is breathable before and after your holiday – particularly when it comes to jetlag. As parents, you’re likely to be exhausted from ferrying children around abroad, and that’s excluding the adjustments to your body clock.

Pack a rescue bag

A rescue bag should contain any items for accidents and bumps and scratches. Some antiseptic wipes, band-aids and allergy and pain killer tablets are all useful when traveling. It’s also advised that you book an appointment with your doctor before you travel abroad, just to check if you will need any medication for when you travel. Of course, it’s also recommended that you give your mobile numbers to your children before travelling as an emergency contact.

Keep your best for evening

In fact, only bring a few special items of clothing for somewhere that requires clothing that’s a bit more dressed-up than t-shirts and shorts. Ensuring your packing is as streamlined as possible means that you won’t spend hours filling suitcases only not to wear it once you’re there. Tucking and rolling soft linen and cotton clothing ensures it will be packed neatly and leave plenty of room for shoes and other essentials. 

Plan and book in advance

Having a last-minute and stress-filled discussion about what everyone wants to do will make for a very rushed holiday. Sitting down with your family before you go and agreeing on what museums, attractions, and restaurants you’d like to go to removes a huge element of hassle from your trip. This also helps prevent any last minute, ‘but I don’t want to’ discussions before a day out. For example, if you’re travelling to the United States and plan on a trip to Texas, you’ll want to plan your days in Austin before you leave. Using planners and guides such as VacationRenter will help plot your trip, from accommodation to entertainment.

Self-cater when you can

When travelling with family, you’ll spend a lot of your budget on keeping everybody fed. Without realizing, you can blow money on breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffees, snacks, presents and the list goes on. Self-catering allows you to bulk-buy breakfasts, pack lunches and enjoy dinners together as a family, without the hefty price tag.

When travelling with small ones in tow, it’s always advised that you get as much planning in advance as possible. Not only does this save you vital time, but also any last minute arguments about what to do and where to go. Give yourself plenty of time to enjoy your time away and to wind down when you get home.

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