Sunday, September 1, 2019

The Short Guide to Small Space Living

Small space living requires extra thinking and effort to serve desirable and practical purposes. After all, tiny rooms can feel like shoeboxes if you aren’t careful. However, you can make your small space into something spectacular as long as you know a few tricks to make it feel open without remodeling.
Here are a few ways to make the most out of your small space.

Lighten Up

Dark, shadowy rooms tend to look cavernous, so do everything you can to brighten up these spaces, albeit from the sun or recessed lighting. You can also opt for light sheers instead of heavy curtains and keep them open. The more natural light you can get into your room, the more spacious it will look. 
If you don’t have many windows or your home doesn’t get much light, try adding mirrors to reflect sunlight into the room. Finally, focus on corners and hallways for the biggest effect.

Choose the Right Paint Colors

Light colors tend to open up any small space. They pull out natural light and add subtle depth. However, they are not always the best choice. If you have a room that has little to no light, consider using darker paint and lighter furniture. This visual trick will make the room look larger than it is and like it gets more light.

Arrange Your Furniture

One problem many people run into with smaller homes and apartments is that they place all of the furniture against the walls. The end look is boring and uninspired, but it also visually shrinks your space. Instead, try to organize your furniture into a triangle and make sure any pieces close to the entrance or another doorway are lower than other items in the room. This will help focus attention and interest in the center of the space.

Store Things Wisely

In a small space, you may struggle with how to store items. Ideally, find items that make it easy to hide your items out in the open. Think decorative boxes, a table with hidden compartments or a shelving unit. You can also find furniture that does double duty, such as coffee tables that can turn into desks or ottomans with internal storage. You could even store things out in the open, like hanging clothes on a rack when you run out of closet space.

Pick the Right Furniture

Finally, make sure you choose the right furniture for your small space. In some cases, you'll need to add furniture, like a new sofa. Shelves and cabinets can create space without feeling cluttered, especially when you choose taller items that offer maximum storage with the smallest footprint. 
In other cases, you'll need to replace what you have by choosing a smaller couch, lighter wood or thinner tables. Large pieces could overwhelm your space while more petite models will mesh nicely.

Making a Small Space Work for You

Small spaces can feel confined, but you can make them feel more open by choosing the right colors and making sure that light flows in the room. Also, pay attention to how you arrange your furniture and the pieces you choose. Smaller furniture often works better in smaller spaces.

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