Thursday, January 23, 2020

Four Eco-Friendly Dog Grooming Tips

As a dog owner, you probably love when your dog smells clean and fresh. Keeping them clean during all different kinds of weather might mean you have to bathe them twice a week or more, depending on how much you get them outside. However, using a lot of shampoo, soap, and other products can contribute to pollution, both in the waterways and in landfills. If you haven’t thought about it before, you may want to consider taking on the grooming duties but with less environmental impact. 

Some owners need a professional groomer to help out once in a while, especially if your dog is fussy while being groomed. Trained and educated staff can help with anxious pups for more specific services you wouldn’t want to necessarily do yourself without the right knowledge.

For those other times when you can handle the grooming duties yourself and want to leave less of an environmental footprint, here are the top four tips for eco-friendly grooming. 

1. Save water by bathing them less

The right groomer, like at Heart and Paw dog groomer in Cherry Hill, can speed up the grooming process so your anxious pet has less grooming time in total. You can also choose what kind of grooming package you want for your pup so you can take care of some of the easier, more eco-friendly tasks at home. 

Your dog doesn’t need to be bathed every day as humans do. In fact, the general rule of thumb is to bathe them at least once every three months, or a bit more often if their coat is oily. The exception is when you take your pup out for a swim or if they love jumping in mud puddles—then you have to bathe them to get them clean again. Bathing your pup less often conserves water, so you can help the environment and also save some money on your bills each month. Try to only give your pooch a bath when they definitely need one.

2. Use organic wipes in between baths

Dealing with a smelly dog is never fun and it may tempt you to bathe them to get rid of the smell. You can use organic wipes in between baths to keep them clean and fresh without using water and products. Wipe their paws after going for a walk outside, wipe their behinds after going to the bathroom, wipe their ears to keep them clean, or even wipe down their whole body to freshen them up and keep them cool. 

3. Use environmentally-friendly products

There are eco-friendly dog companies that sell products that are safe for your dog and less harmful to the environment. Some of these products include all-natural doggy shampoos, conditioners, toothpaste and dog breath spray (to help fight bacteria in their mouths and prevent disease). It’s best to do your research before buying to ensure the company is reducing its environmental footprint with its eco-friendly product line and not just using it as a marketing ploy. 

4. Make your own doggy shampoo and soap

Take it one step further and go zero-waste by making your own dog grooming products. That way, you avoid products that are packaged in bottles, boxes and plastic. Plus, most of the ingredients in shampoos, soaps and conditioners can be found in your kitchen already.

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