Friday, June 5, 2020

Journaling Your COVID-19 Experience

The COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed how people view daily life. This is true of other generations who experienced world-shaping events. One of the most unique ways you can understand and cope at this time is to put into words how the pandemic has personally touched your life. Mental health experts agree that journaling in the time of COVID-19 is a healthy way to examine your feelings and an invaluable way to gain perspective for the future. A writer can choose how to articulate a personal journey through creative expression. The important outcome is that individuals gain a sense of purpose and meaning as they commit personal stories to words.

Develop a Comfortable Style

Journaling can take many different forms to meet a writer’s needs. Some people appreciate having writing prompts to get the process started. Others like to write in story form and craft a picture of what is happening to and around them in vivid detail. It’s important to understand the style of writing that appeals to you, so you will make the effort to carve out regular writing time. Keeping a record of daily happenings is the choice for many individuals. Journaling is most therapeutic when you make a practice of doing it consistently.

Share Your Voice with Others

Journals are among the best narratives of our collective history. By telling your story at this time, you are adding to a body of knowledge that can be helpful to new generations. There are currently projects underway that offer people the opportunity to share their COVID-19 stories. This is an excellent way to contribute to necessary research and feel less isolated knowing your voice is heard by others now and in the future. Historians note that personalized accounts are valuable because they are rich in detail, with a deeply honest take on difficult circumstances. You derive the health benefits of expressing thoughts, while making an impact on readers of your story.

See How You Grow as an Individual

In times of extraordinary stress, it is difficult to see the bright spots through the clouds of uncertainty. Writing creates a path through this pandemic. Reading over journal entries reveals areas of growth and change. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the enormity of the present situation. Journals reflect how far you have come and that life is still moving forward.
It is possible to write your way to better mental, spiritual and physical health during COVID-19. Journaling your unique and important experience for yourself and, perhaps, other people reduces feelings of loneliness and gives you encouragement about your coping skills.

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