Friday, March 15, 2024

Vegan Easter Chocolate Bunny and Chocolates for Easter Egg Hunts

I've been doing a vegan Easter Basket and egg hunt for the kids for 10 years now! I always find some chocolates and things to put in plastic eggs so they don't miss out andnit has gotten easier and easier each year!

Here's what is they are getting this year:

We find that they love this chocolate and this bunny is on the smaller side so it is just the right size to not overdo it with the sweets. 

These are the vegan version of the Cadbury Cream eggs with the same yummy No Whey vegan chocolate.

This is No Whey's vegan version and also nut free version of the Reese's peanut butter eggs. Same yummy chocolate with a sunflower seed butter filing.

Not all Unreal chocolates are vegan but this convenient variety pack is! It is a one stop Easter candy shop! And YES I have tried them all and they are ALL good!

These arena darker chocolate version of the little Peanut Butter Cups wrapped in foil. A perfect size for Easter Eggs. Warning - is hard to eat just one and you probably want to make sure there is an extra bag in the house for the adults to enjoy too!

Lindt chocolate also makes oatmilk chocolates now and these Truffles are delicious and the perfect size to fit inside those Easter eggs!

You can also get them directly from the Lindt website or with the Amazon link above.

Hope you all enjoy your Easter with no animals harmed and make sure that you enjoy your time as a family sharing the love this holiday as always!

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