Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cashing In with Save Up

So I'm having a little fun with
Save Up is a new site where you link up all of your debt bearing accounts and they reward you with points as you pay them off.
I have to admit, I was a little wary of adding all my personal accounts, but the site is legit. For people like us, who have a mortgage, car payments and pay off our credit cards each month, you can really rack up a lot of points.
SaveUp is giving away a wide range of prizes including gift cards from apple, best buy, consumer electronics, home or wardrobe makeovers, luxury vacations, cars, and even a $2 million grand prize. New prizes are added every week. You choose which prizes to play for and what type of games to play, whether it's a lottery type pick 6 number drawing or an instant win, scratch off-like game.
This is fantastic to those that like to gamble or do sweepstakes while it encourages you to get out of debt at the same time.
They also reward you for referrals, so go ahead and click my referral link:
Sign up for
Enter your accounts, play your games and hopefully win a little something you can thank me for later!
I'll let you know when I win something!

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