Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Today was Wack for lack of a better term

So my family and I had a day that I decided to classify as "wack." It is actually the best way to describe the routine that was shattered and the mess piled in around us. Wack, in my old school, New York suburban definition of totally wrong. The baby didn't sleep well last night, my husband got sick from food?!?! on his birthday, nonetheless, and the baby decided to have a serious nap fail and switch his nap to 3 hours later, without prior notice.

I also found out that a dear, old friend, passed away, last night, and her family and her twin boys are probably trying to hold their very broken hearts together, tonight, while I hold my family tighter than usual. The thought of how fragile life is feeling very real to me right now.

On top of all that wack nonsense, we braved through a few other minor chrisis as the day wore on.
Our normal weekday schedule was completely thrown off. I found myself on the sofa, still in my workout clothes, unshowered, teeth unbrushed and hair disheveled when the baby finally went down for a nap. In the confusion, I forgot to eat much, get anything done, including neglecting to post any sort of blog posts (besides this one) or shopping deals. Instead, I took a nap with the baby, which strangely did not relieve any of my exhaustion.
We still got out for dog walks and made a nice dinner, but I am dying for this child to sleep through the night. He hasn't done so since my birthday, 2 weeks ago, which seems like an eternity, and it is wearing me out!
I signed us back up for Mommy and Me Swim Lessons, hoping that more activities would wear this little non-sleeper out.
To make up for my lack of productivity, I'm working on rewriting some of my favorite Squidoo lenses. Squidoo is probably the only thing that actually brings me a steady, passive income, right now, besides retirement investments, if you count that, so I SHOULD make time to focus on my writing, there.
For those of you interested, read more about Making Money Writing on Squidoo.
Hopefully tomorrow is less wack, and if I'm really lucky, I actually get a good night's sleep!

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