Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Disneyland on the Dollar

We took a quick overnight trip to Disneyland, yesterday!

Our little guy is 11 months old, now, and this is the second time we stayed overnight at the Paradise Pier Hotel, overlooking Disney's California Adventure Park. We live an hour away and splurged on passes this year, so we have been there a lot!

We use the heck out of our passes, to the point that they are almost paying us to visit, I think.

The best thing about staying overnight is the hour you get in one of the parks before opening. We almost do all of our rides in that hour! This makes such a great value for the time that you spend in the park. The crowds were tremendous when we got there, yesterday afternoon (Monday on Thanksgiving week).

We bring up a ton of water in reusable water bottles and bring up our own snacks and drinks for the room. We also bring food, snacks and drinks for the baby, in our baby bag and bring water bottles into the park. They don't allow coolers and it is their policy not to allow outside food items into the Disneyland parks, I've never had a problem bringing a ton of snacks and food for the baby, though.

For cheap eats in Disneyland... we went to the Royal Street Veranda for lunch and broke apart the sourdough bread bowl to dip in the soup. They even have a vegetarian one! Sooo good, so cheap and it feeds 2 small-ish adults and a 11 month old!

We made sure to pay for parking on my season pass, only, because I was more likely to go without my husband, but so far I haven't done it. My husband is lucky enough that he can take off a lot of weekdays, so this is a great activity for us.

We burn A TON of calories walking everywhere and the kid has an amazing time!

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