Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Make Money with Credit Cards - another $50 for me!

My credit cards pay me! I just received a $50 check from my Citibank Dividend Card

I pay the card off every month and use it for most of my purchases. For the rest of my purchases I use my Blue Cash Everyday American Express. Both of these cards are no annual fees and both earn at least 1% on all purchase. Both cards also offer more % cash back for certain items and will pay you in cash (Dividend card) or paying off balance (Amex).

Several of my bills are directly charged to these cards and all our expenses go on them as well, so things really add up.

You can research dozens of cash back and rewards cards until you find one you will be approved for and work for you. My personal preference is cash

Read my article Smart Shopping - Secrets to saving money on everything you buy for more of how I maximize the value of my spending!

Since I pay off my balance every month on both credit cards and have never paid a dime for a finance charge.

VERY IMPORTANT - you must be a smart shopper and not spend more than you can afford to pay off. The second you start financing a balance on your credit cards, you immediately start losing money on this deal and you DO NOT want to lost easy, free cash.

I guarantee, it feels really good to make money from the credit card companies!

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