Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Secrets of a Trophy Wife for Less $

If you were always a little bit curious about the life of a trophy wife, you can catch a glimpse on the new show The Secrets of a Trophy Wife. Yes, their lives look a little glamorous at first, but strip down the hair extensions, the pounds of makeup, the plastic surgery, the nails, the diamonds and the bitchiness and what do you have? ME!

We are not swimming in money, so take that away, too.

I am a stay-at-home mom, sometimes work-at-home mom who doesn't make very much money, but I eat well and exercise  and because of that, I look good! In fact, you can pretty much do it ALL for less. Sometimes, I feel like I could be happy in a trailer park, as long as I had enough space to grow an organic garden, even if it was on the roof. It is surprising what you can do in a limited space and it's amazing what you can do on a limited budget.

I put all my tips on Making Money on this blog, and you should follow me on Facebook, too, because I post all my deals and freebies. You may not make a TON of money, but I find a lot of ways to make $25 here or there and sometimes I find opportunities to make over $100. No get rich quick schemes, but you also don't have to marry a much older man and get your lips plumped up to the point that the bottom lip touches your chin!

Take care of yourself and your family through diet and exersise, save your money, and make your environment a beautiful and positive one. As long as you are putting your best foot forward and sucking your tummy in, you are a trophy wife, for less $!

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