Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Gardening DIY - Front Yard for Free

I am saving a ton of money on labor for landscaping in my front yard by being the "labor" alongside my husband and my son.

We purchased some nice stones for a walkway, 2 years ago, and this year, we bought $500 worth of 3/8" decomposed granite in "California Gold" color. We actually had a professional landscape and irrigate the front yard, a couple years ago, but it was not what I wanted at all. It turned into a weed filled mess. Now, we are carefully doing it all, on our own, for free.

I have plenty of plants to put in. Most of the succulents that are going in are plants that I have been collecting, dividing and growing for years. I am going to make a few key purchases for some trees and special plants, but the succulents that will fill up this garden are mostly free.

We purchased the landscape weed barrier from Home Depot with $10 and $15 coupons we won on Facebook from playing a Zombie Halloween game.

We will use very little water on this grass free, succulent filled, desert wonderland. I am going to try to collect rain to irrigate for free. I have been composting for my vegetable garden, so if I need to improve soil I will do that for free as well.

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