Monday, March 11, 2013

LEGOLAND Florida with a Toddler... Part 1

Well, we just did LEGOLAND Florida and we are now in Orlando at the Nickelodeon Resort. Today is going to be our pool day!

LEGOLAND Florida was a piece of cake with a toddler. Last time I was here, I was working with the project team that was opening the park, and I was pregnant with my boy. It was so different doing it with a toddler!

I'm not going to do ALL of the details, today, so consider this post a Part 1. We are going back to LEGOLAND Florida on Monday, so I will add the rest of the details to the blog, then.

My 1 year old really enjoyed the playground areas of LEGOLAND Florida. His cousin took him down the slide 100x or so. We also rode the Island in the Sky, where you can see the entire theme park. This got "oos and wows from the baby. Then we walked through Miniland, had lunch, and did some roller coasters with our 8 year old niece.

The main thing I learned from this day is that my toddler did not need a nap. I know this is one of  mom's fears with taking a toddler on a theme park vacation, but I just needed to loosen up and go with the flow. I tried to get him comfy in his travel stroller (which doesn't lay flat like his regular stroller) but he wasn't impressed. You know what? It didn't matter. He was fine and enjoyed his day just the same. He tried to sleep before bedtime, but I went to cut his toenails, which as usual, wakes him right up, so we could go to bed at his normal time.

The other thing that I think is important, especially if you want to save money and are a vegetarian mom, is to bring your own baby food. Bringing your own food into the park is a no-no, but it is perfectly fine to bring baby food and drinks in. Although we were able to grab a Smuckers Un-crustables (PB & J sealed with tons of sugar and other GMO non-food ingredients and preservatives) and an apple and grape pack at the park for our toddler, I was thankful that I packed some fruit pouches, puffs and crackers for the little guy.

We were the only one's in the snack shop and the employee was bored stiff after we took our food to our table, which got me to thinking... why don't they just make their own PB & J? I suppose it would not match their gas station-style food offerings of pre-made and sealed in a triangle sandwiches that they offer adults. I guess I'm just used to all the freshly made, gourmet and healthy food at LEGOLAND California which is obviously MUCH better!

Enough about the lame food at the park. This park is beautiful. There is plenty for a toddler to do and we intend to do all of it while my husband attends a training course there next week. I will write all about it, too!

Oh and if you are pregnant, be sure to check out my article:
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