Friday, March 22, 2013

LEGOLAND Florida with a Toddler - Part 3

List of Rides, Play Areas, Attractions and Shows for Toddlers at LEGOLAND:

The Beginning:
The Island in the Sky - See the whole park with the whole family on this ride as there are no height restrictions (unless you are afraid of heights!)

Fun Town:
The Grand Carousel
4D Theatre - Toddlers who will wear 3D glasses will enjoy. A little scary!
Fresh From Florida Greenhouse - Take a little stroller stroll through here.

DUPLO Village:
Granny's Jalopies - Adorable old-fashioned carnival car ride
Big Rig Rally - Same as Jalopies but with trucks to ride instead of Jalopies
Duplo Farm - Outdoor Covered and Non-Covered play areas with slides and DUPLO bricks

Land of Adventure:
Pharoah's Revenge - supposed to be ok for a 2 year old, according to the sign, but if the big kids take it over, it is not. 
The Lost Kingdom Adventure - 30" Height restriction to ride with an adult. A little scary! Buy your toddler's first ride photo, here. I got the magnet and it is SO cute!
Safari Trek - 34" height restriction. See LEGO safari animals from a little jeep that seats 2.

Miniland USA:
Miniland - Toddlers will love the cars and boats moving in this area which can be enjoyed in or out of the stroller. You can take almost an hour here with a toddler!

LEGO City:
Boating School - 34" height restriction. Outdoor boat ride in 2 person boat.
Big Test - Live show (outdoors/covered)

Pirate's Cove:
Live Pirate Ski Show - My toddler is nuts about this show! They will get splashed if they sit up front and may not like the pyrotechnics that close.

Cypress Gardens:
The gardens a beautiful place to enjoy in a stroller or on foot with a toddler.

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