Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Chemfood - Why Do I Need Yellow 5 in My Pickles?

I normally stay away from "Chemfood", (what I call foods that contain chemicals)  but I must have gotten a really good deal on Vlasic spicy pickles because they crept into my refrigerator. There was only one pickle left, and I chomped it earlier. As I cleaned out the jar I noticed the ingredients were full of chemfood, mainly food dyes.

I wondered, why do I need Yellow 5 in my pickles? The pickle aisle at the store is filled with pickles that are colored with Yellow 5. Are the pickles going to be so ghastly that I would not want to eat them? Yellow 5 is a man-made chemical food dye that is NOT good for you, it is banned in Norway.

Yellow 5 also causes hyperactivity in children and causes cancer?

Eliminating food dyes and other chemicals in food are great ways to rule out causes of health, behavioral, and developmental problems in children.

These are my favorite pickles that don't contain Yellow 5:

Here are some other reasons we do not need Yellow 5 in pickles or anything, for that matter, from
Other Risks
Yellow 5 has been linked to a number of health problems, including blurred vision, migraines, fatigue and anxiety. It might also cause chromosomal damage, although this hasn't been properly studied or documented.
Risk of Cancer
According to board certified family physician Dr. Joel Fuhrman, some dyes can be contaminated by chemical carcinogens as they go through the manufacturing process. Yellow 5 is one of these colorings. As it is manufactured, yellow 5 runs the risk of coming into contact with carcinogenic substances, such as benzidine.

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 Here's some more food for thought on food dyes:

Eat healthy, stay away from Chemfood, food dyes and Yellow 5

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