Friday, April 12, 2013

Money Saving Tip of the Day - Join a Food CSA

Join a food Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) if you want to save money on fresh food.

There are farms all over the US that sell directly to their customers through CSA programs.

Find a local CSA through
(Just choose CSA in the search box on the right and search)

I am a member of a  program where a co-op of 23 small farms provides weekly delivery of seasonal, fresh, certified-organic and chemical- and pesticide-free produce to a specific drop site every week.

I love getting the surprise farm fresh fruits and veggies and I REALLY love that they have a box there, where you can pick-up and discard what you want/don't want! (No I am not a shelf clearing krazy koupon lady or anything. I do not take the last fruit in the box - I'm kind and polite like everyone else in my CSA :)

I don't think I get a crazy good deal at my place, but I've heard some amazing stories of savings in other districts. I save a little bit of money and I save a lot of time grocery shopping (the box is ready for me to take and I am not given a choice of food, hence the community box of discards) and since it is a regularly scheduled thing, I plan my day around it combining other errands so I save gas too!

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