Friday, July 5, 2013

LEGOLAND California on the 4th of July with a Toddler

We decided to check out LEGOLAND California for the 4th of July, 2013, yesterday. We had a great time!

A couple things to think about when you go to LEGOLAND on a holiday...

It will be a lot more crowded than usual.
Ride and show lines will be longer.
There may be a long line to get into the waterpark.
Getting out of the parking lot after fireworks can take up to a 1/2 or so.

That said, it can still be a fun day for a holiday, especially for passholders who don't need to get on rides, or go to the waterpark and save those for regular days.

What you can do on a holiday at LEGOLAND...

We walked through Sea Life. It was a little more crowded, but still entertains the little one.
We played Wild Woods Golf. There is never a line there, so it is the perfect place to kill some time.
 You can walk through Miniland because that never really gets old for us.
You can walk through The Adventurers Club.
You can EAT your way through the park!
You can join in on all the special shows and events.

We got a seat on the lawn for the kiddie bands.

Then we did a walk through Sea Life!

Found a little tunnel in Sea Life walk through shark and ray tank. Someone exclaimed,"there's a baby stuck in this hole!" He wasn't stuck! He just really liked hanging out in there.

He loves this window into the shark tank. Sea Life does a really good job of making the experience accessible to the little guys. It is the BEST small aquarium for little kids in Southern California, so don't miss this, when you visit!

We built on the the LEGO sandcastle at Sea Life.

Calling out the big kids. Nobody thinks a little guy can build, but he is a purebred model builder, dude.

He is a very serious little model builder, following in his parents footsteps. He did NOT want to leave this area. Nor did he care to get his picture taken. He would have probably stayed here all day if we let him!

We popped up in one of their little bubbles to see the fishies.

Ate some grilled cheese at the Garden Restaurant. Also had ice cream, granny apple fries, french fries, SoDelicious Chocolate Coconut Yogurt (my fave!) Right on, LEGOLAND, for having some good vegan yogurt! 

Played a round of Wild Woods Golf. Mommy and Daddy decorated this area years ago. It is so pretty, still! This was not so bad for a toddler. Although he doesn't understand the game, yet, he enjoyed running through the pathways and dropping the balls in the holes. Mom and Dad had some fun practicing their putting!

Then... more music and dancing!!! The bigger kids were dancing themselves silly!

Then caught the fireworks from the parking lot. This was the best viewing location, this year, since the lit them off from employee parking lot.

I thought ahead and put him in his pj's at the car. Then, he went right from the car to the bed and Dad and I cuddled up to watch the last episode in Season 2 of Game of Thrones. (Looking forward to buying Season 3 once it comes out on Amazon Prime!)

What a perfect day!!!

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