Thursday, August 29, 2013

Baby Room Decorating - Lambs and Ivy Animal Antics

Here's a little outdoor baby decor with an Aussie/Woodland theme. Lambs & Ivy Animal Antics 5 Piece Bedding Set, Blue has the cute nature creatures like the squirrel and chipmunk. Don't you just love chipmunks? 

Koalas or HOT right now! Have you ever seen a Koala in person? 

Well, they just opened up a new Koala exhibit at my local zoo and let me tell you, they are small, furry and they look so cuddly! 

Like a real life teddy bear, Koalas hug trees and their baby like your baby will hug you. They are really one of the cutest things I have ever seen, which is why I LOVE this crib set and all the cute decor compliments to go with it...

They also have a kangaroo and a Koala on this set! It retails for $160 for the set, plus you can add all the other toys and textiles, to match.

and a few other, optional decorating textiles.

Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct Details

And don't forget the Kangaroo!!!

Product Details

Too cute!!!

Have you done your baby registry yet???

They have a UNIVERSAL registry so you can shop ALL sites 
(not just Amazon)
They also have a 10% completion discount 
(15% for Prime members) 
and 90 day returns.

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  1. I almost wish I was having another baby, I love the Tiddliwinks Under the Sea Collection!


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