Sunday, September 15, 2013

DIY House - Front Porch Done and Garden

The front porch is done, for now... We picked up a brightly colored doormat at Lowes to match the refurbished turquoise door. We used Rustoleum Satin Lagoon to spray the old door after my husband sanded the old paint off.  We looked at new security doors, but this one somehow seemed to work with the hexagon theme we have going on here.

We were a little nervous about the color, but we really wanted to spice it up a bit. Once we topped it off with our Garden Gnome Mickey and some colorful plants I put in terra cotta, it looked really nice!

Hubby finished the stucco around the base of the house! It only took a few months, but it is finally done. It is still drying in the pic below, hence the darker color on the right. He bought the colored stucco off the shelf, so it is a slightly darker color than the rest of the house, but we thought it worked because there is an architectural recess around the base of the house that creates the opportunity for another hue.
Hubby also sanded and painted the wood around the window on the right. The termite damage on the wood trim is pretty bad, but it looked 100x better painted. Now he just has to do all the wood trim on the entire house. That's a lot of wood trim, but it will save us $1000s to paint it rather than try to replace it all!

In the long term, I'd like to repaint the entire house and do a slightly different color combo. Maybe we could do a frappacchino color instead of the cream color it is now. I think that might look nice with the brown trim.

Oh, and I am finally getting a RED pepper in the garden...

and a beautiful heirloom eggplant!

Worm bin is doing quite well! I'm actually enjoying working on the worm bin. We've been adding lots of food from the kitchen, egg cartons and toilet paper rolls. I sprayed it down with a little water, this morning and scooped lots of worms and their compost on top of all the food.

I'm thinking of doing a little more yard work this afternoon if I can get myself up again. We had a little gathering at our house, last night with some great food and excellent wine, so I'm a little spent!

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  1. Your porch looks fantastic, this is actually a project I need to do but have been putting off because I lack create flair.


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