Monday, September 16, 2013

Made in the USA Bakeware - I LOVE This Stuff

From time to time, I'll be featuring items that are made in the USA, just to keep encouraging everyone here in this country to support businesses that are putting faith in American workers and operating right here in this country. I am a big fan of things that are made in the USA and will even pay a little more than a similar product made in China.

Well, Hubby got me this made in the USA USA Pans 6-Piece Bakeware Set as a surprise and I LOVE it!

Sorry, I had to just blurt that out,  but I'm super excited! I've used almost all of the pans, now, and some I've used many times and I am really, really happy with the way things are turning out.

Here is the apple cake I was making this morning on my 13x9" pan.

Each USA Pan is made of a single piece of aluminized steel, the same material pans that commercial bakeries use. They also have metal wire inside the rim to resist warping.

These pans have an Americoat coating on them that makes them non-stick. It is an environmentally friendly silicone coating and it is pretty amazing. I don't have to use any cooking spray or anything when I cook on these and the food slips right off when it's done. You just want to be careful not to use metal spatulas or utensils on these are it will ruin the non-stick finish.

The other neat thing about these pans and baking sheets is the corrugation. The cool looking zig zag metal pans also serve to maximize surface area for more even cooking and better release. I can attest to how easily my pumpkin breads drop out of the USA Pan bread pan without even so much as a crumb stuck to the pan!

To clean them, I just use soapy water and a dishcloth. I finish it off by rubbing any grease or spots of with a dry towel. My pans, although they have already been used quite a bit, still look like new with very little cleaning or maintenance required. 

I like these pans so much and this is a great starter set, but I will be buying some more so I have multiples of the ones I need to use the most.


  1. The pans look awesome, but I would like the recipe too! :)

  2. The pans look awesome, but I would like the recipe too! :)

    Donna Wharton

    1. Haha the recipe is actually in the works! I just wasn't worth a post, yet, but I was excited about how it worked out in the pan...

  3. The pans seem awesome. I'm looking for non stick pans. I have a hard time finding ones that will not stick.


Thanks for the comment!

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