Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Adriana's Wedding on Real Housewives of Miami

So every now and then, I have to whip out a glass of wine and watch an episode of Real Housewives of (fill in the city, here_____). I especially love to tune in to wedding episodes. I watched Tamra Barney from Orange County become Tamra Judge, recently. Tonight I watched Adriana from Miami get married to the French guy. 

I spent quite a few years doing wedding flowers in Los Angeles, so these wedding episodes, and quite frankly, any wedding, get my inner critic rolling. Unfortunately, I can hardly critique Adriana's wedding because I barely got to see any of it. I think she missed out on it, herself too, but she or we will never know...

Adriana spent her entire wedding in her hotel room, complaining and getting ready. Her dress was a stunning slate blue-grey. I loved the crystals dripping off her shoulder, the swarovski heels, the orchid and feather bouquet, and the excessive amount of tulle. So maybe all the getting ready and complaining was worth it.

The guests and all the men are in white. I can't stand the all white tuxes. It is just unflattering on a dude, unless he's a chef or a doctor, I guess.

She insisted on a wardrobe change for herself and her guests after the ceremony (that's the very first time I've heard of that in a wedding, but in retrospect, it was a brilliant plot, on her part, to occupy her guests a little longer while she took even more time out of having fun by getting ready.) And for someone who kills a lot of time getting ready and complaining, why not do it twice?

Adriana's guests are shown getting ready in the parking lot and the gift shop, while she spends hours away in her hotel suite. Her husband comes in to let her know all of her hotel guests were leaving because she was taking too long. How dare he! She wasn't ready.

Although her "roaring twenties" dress may have come from the "naughty" section she finally pulled it together and made her entrance to her reception at The Biltmore hotel. The hotel is so beautiful, she didn't have to do much to decorate, so she didn't!

I know they mostly focus on the drama in these shows. Like Adriana's guests, I would love to see a little more flowers and food but it seemed as though there wasn't much of those either.

The bottom line is that she seemed happy with her wedding. Adriana may actually love Frederick and this marriage may bring them into their golden years, together, 'til death do they part.

I hope her 3rd marriage works out. If not, there's always number 4!

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