Thursday, October 3, 2013

Good Things Going on Today

I'm just loving this DUPLO train my 21 month old built today! He had an engine, car and caboose, all put together by himself!

Oh wait! Thomas wasn't done yet!

Ding Dong! FedEx! New computer! Booyah!!!

I've really needed one of these for a very long time. I've been dying, over here, working with world's slowest computer for far too long. Sorry, but I was being cheap! I'm on a very tight budget so as long as my old pink Dell dinosaur was huffin and puffin each day, I was not giving up.

Hubby spec'd this for me and bought it for my birthday which is coming up this week. I really hope the new machine and I have a good relationship. I've had mixed feelings about my past DELLs. This one was fine, but sloooooow. I had a DELL while I worked in Florida. Hubby actually still has that machine, here, with his work stuff and used it for networking or this and that, but it shut down one day and would never turn on again. Luckily it was clear of data, backed-up, and non-essential. Now it is a paperweight.

Will my pink DELL become a paperweight? No! I'm thinking of using it to give my son some sort of entertainment for his room at night, so we can start leaving him to go to sleep on his own. First I'm going to wipe it clean. Then I will need some ideas for suitable pre-bedtime toddler entertainment.

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