Thursday, November 28, 2013

Royal Fluff Cloth Diaper Review and Giveaway

I am a big fan of cloth diapering. In fact, we have been cloth diapering since my little guy was a tiny baby! In his second year, we have had the luxury of not buying a single diaper, except when we went on vacation. What a great savings, this year! Our cloth diaper stash has carried us through two years and we are happily heading into the potty training phase, next. Oh boy...

We also never pay full price for cloth diapers. I always keep an eye out for the cloth diaper sales on and have gotten some really great deals. This week, I was fortunate enough to receive two diapers from one of my favorite brands, Royal Fluff, for zulily! It felt like Christmas!

Cloth diaper fans know what I mean...

Royal Fluff has such CUTE designs! I was thrilled to see the aqua diaper with the multi-colored race cars design and the adorable black rockabilly cherries, swallows and tattoos design.

Now, for those of you not familiar with Royal Fluff, they make cloth diapers that are 100% polyester knit on the outside, with a water-proof polyurethane laminate on the inside.

The diaper is lined with soft, gentle fleece that stays dry and soft to the baby's skin. The diapers are gathered  with elastic at the leg and in the back to keep everything inside and make them super comfortable to wear for day or night.

The super-absorbent microfiber inserts, made from 3 layers of microfiber terry-cloth, are placed inside the pocket of the diaper and wicks the moisture through into the middle and away from baby's skin.

This is where you stuff the insert inside the diaper. Each diaper comes with 1 insert.

Not only are these diapers highly effective at keeping babies and toddlers dry, they come in some pretty colors and cool designs, too!

The outer fabrics have great color and sheen to them. They are very well made, too!

With all the rows of snaps, Royal Fluff Diapers will fit babies from 9-35+ lbs. (Note the gratuitous Mister Cat photo-bomb)

One of my favorite things about these diapers is that since they are gathered with the elastic in the back, you can put them on a potty training child and they are easy to pull off for going on the potty. These are now my diapers of choice because of this feature!

They are great for nighttime because you can double stuff them for added absorbency, too!

Seriously, do our pets have to be in EVERY picture?! 

These diapers are super comfortable for lounging and are a well-known and well-liked brand.

You can purchase these diapers on the Royal Fluff website OR if you are a penny-pincher like me, you can buy them on zulily at HALF PRICE!!! You will not be disappointed.

Want to WIN one? Enter below!

Giveaway is for USA only and ends on 12/12/ 2013

* I received 2 Royal Fluff Diapers to facilitate this review however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. my baby's favorite thing right now is me, and breastfeeding!

  2. Wow, these are nice diapers

  3. I'm my baby's favorite thing right now since she was just born and doesn't really know anything else.

  4. I am 32 weeks pregnant! My babies favorite thing to do is kick me at bedtime! :)

  5. Kicking and squirming! Due in February :-)

  6. my son loooves his tractors! and i'd love to win this for him

  7. Climbing for both my kids. jmooth1 at lsu dot edu

  8. I would like to win this for my baby boy. His favorite thing to do is crawl and try to eat random objects.

  9. Baby is due February 3 so no favorites just yet... I guess other than my growing cloth diaper stash that I can't wait to use. No chemical diapers for my baby!

  10. This would be for my friend's baby, who is due in January :).


  11. My baby is not due for a few weeks so...jiggling around inside me is baby's favorite thing.

  12. These diapers are awful. Worst quality fleece of any pocket that I have. Had a hole in the fleece right out of the package, but of course no returns with zulily. Also, I have washed this diaper twice and the insert has failed to agitate out both times.

    1. Wow, even with a hole, they won't take a return?! We really have had no problem with the diapers and I have 4 that we use all the time although, we don't have a ton of diapers to compare to.


Thanks for the comment!

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